Saturday, June 04, 2005

Where's a clue when you really need one?

In what has become characteristic of the Left, Bill Press rambles incoherently (or duplicitously, it's hard to tell anymore) about the need for someone who knows the dirt on our current administration to come forward in "Where's Deep Throat when we really need him?" He writes:
"And that's the big story of Mark Felt's confession. Not: Why did he dare tell the truth about Nixon, way back then? But: Why doesn't somebody tell the truth about George W. Bush today? Where's Deep Throat when we need him, now more than ever?"
To have someone reveal an administration's crimes, an administration needs to commit some.

Where was the Left's zeal for truth-telling and justice when Clinton was in office? When Kerry was running?
"As bad as they were, Nixon's crimes weren't the worst committed by an American president. Indeed, former White House Counsel John Dean another hero for warning Nixon about a 'cancer growing on the presidency' argues that George W. Bush is very much like Nixon in his penchant for secrecy, only worse. In his book, 'Worse Than Watergate,' Dean wrote:

'George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney have created the most secretive presidency of my lifetime. Their secrecy is far worse than during Watergate, and it bodes even more serious consequences ... I must say this administration is truly scary and, given the times we live in, frighteningly dangerous.'
Every administration must keep some information private. Such secrecy does not necessarily indicate corruption.

We live in frightening times, but what's really scary is that an ancient evil, Jihad, is on the rise; we have a President who is fighting back (much more vigorously than an appeasement-first Left would have); and whom does the Left attack? Not the Muslims who would with a smile and a shout of "Allahu akbar!" slit their throats in obedience to Allah's command, but the one defending them!
"But the only way to blow the lid off the misdeeds of the Bush administration is to come up with our own Deep Throat. Somewhere in the Bush White House, for example, there is someone who knows the list of special-interest lobbyists who met secretly with Cheney to develop the administration's energy policy."
It wouldn't hurt to have some actual misdeeds. (Not defending our borders and spending taxpayer dollars like a drunken liberal are misdeeds, but not to the Left.)
"Somewhere in the White House, CIA or Pentagon, there's someone who was present when Bush and Cheney decided to lean on a pack of lies about nuclear weapons, weapons of mass destruction, chemical-laden drones, mobile weapons labs, long-range missiles and Saddam Hussein's ties to al-Qaida in order to sell the American people on the war in Iraq."
And who created the "pack of lies" on which Bush and Cheney leaned? Clinton, Gore, Kerry, England, France.... Everyone believed Saddam still had WMD (apparently even he did).

The only evidence you need for W's innocence is the fact that the Left have had to resort to all sorts of distortions, fabrications, and out-right lies to try to hurt the President--the avalanche of "tell-all" books before the 2004 Election, CBS's Rather fraudulent document scandal, and the MSM's most recent Qur'an "desecration" fantasy.