Wednesday, September 01, 2004

It's good to hear someone appreciates our military's sacrifices...

WorldNetDaily: Kuwaiti editor: Bush is 'history maker'

A speech for the ages...

WorldNetDaily: Text of Zell Miller's speech

I don't believe any argument against John Kerry could have been delivered more clearly, credibly, or passionately than the one given by Democrat Zell Miller tonight.

With brutal honesty he exposed and condemned the Democratic leadership's eagerness to sacrifice our nation for their own political gain.

[Update October 31, 2004: Given the truth of the charges made by Miller, it shouldn't be surprising that the Democratic leadership and its Media Minions have made every effort to discredit and destroy the Senator. This disgraceful effort demonstrates how effective and truthful his assertions were.

Just a few short years ago, Senator Miller was a darling of the Democratic Party for his support of President Clinton. It seems that hypocrisy is not a vice for which the Democratic leadership feels any shame.]

Dying daily (or living in one's baptism)

WorldNetDaily: The passion of the Christian

This article is several months old, but its message is timeless. Christians are to follow Christ.

Some highlights...

"Of course – and this is something of a divine paradox – as Christians, we know we can't save ourselves, and yet we are most definitely called to obedience. So, let's not slough off our responsibility to "die daily" by comfortably presuming on the unending mercy of God. His mercy is unending, indeed, but also balanced with justice, and these two seemingly contradictory qualities work together mysteriously and wonderfully toward our redemption, but only in the truly sincere human soul that doesn't tempt God."

"The recipient of your patience – say, your spouse or child – experiences that patience as love, just as they experience your impatience as a lack of love."

"No, if God wanted to demonstrate His love for us, and at the same time provide us with the perfect, ultimate example of real love for our fellow man, what could be a more perfect expression of love than the willing suffering and death of His Son – Who while dying asked God to forgive His tormentors? The sheer logic and power of it is transcendent. If you're looking for love in this loveless world, that's it."