Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Energy spent propagandizing FBI better spent elsewhere

The element of political-correctness that gives its practitioners power is that which shames, intimidates, and threatens into silence those who know better.

For example, there is an effort (by groups like CAIR) to cause any critical examination of Islam to be perceived as Islamophobia. Like all lies, this can only result in harm, whether that harm is spiritual (faith in a false god) or physical (allowing murderous thugs to maim and kill "disbelievers" -- Christians and Jews).

This flavor of political-correctness is apparently infecting one of those bodies given the grave duty of protecting American lives -- the FBI. Consider the following quote from an article at

"Even as the FBI takes new heat over the 9-11 report's revelation that it overlooked ties between a Muslim cleric and two of the al-Qaida hijackers, it is putting agents and new recruits through a Muslim sensitivity program that includes inviting Muslim clerics and leaders to preach about the allegedly peaceful attributes of Islam."

While all Americans deserve respect, and most Muslims are not terrorists, our FBI should spend their energy and intellect uncovering and restraining those who would harm us.

And instead of preaching to the FBI about the "peaceful attributes of Islam," perhaps it would be better working to reform Islam from within.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Lies the only way to hurt President Bush

I happened to be perusing a few articles at The Guardian, a UK news site.

The ultra-liberal bent obvious in just the first two articles I saw was nauseating. Because it was so blatantly dependent on outright lies, one article in particular deserves comment:

The author claims that both President Bush and Prime Minister Blair lied their nations into war. One must conclude this author is either intellectually-deficient or a liar.

If President Bush lied us into war in Iraq, he wasn't the only one (and I'm not referring to the esteemed Prime Minister) ...
-President Clinton in 1998 repeatedly referred to Saddam's nuclear threat and other WMD; indeed, he believed the threat so credible that he bombed Saddam.

-The United Nations also lied us into war by reporting that a large number of Saddam's Weapons of Mass Destruction were missing.

-The Democrats of the United States Congress, who voted to give President Bush the power to go to war against Iraq months before the president gave his State of the Union Address, also warned of the danger of Saddam Hussein's weapons.

-It was apparently France's intelligence regarding Iraq's attempts to acquire African uranium which became a part of the British intelligence to which Mr. Bush referred in the State of the Union.
Those who are actually lying regarding the war in Iraq are those gutless, self-serving wretches whose political success depends on President Bush's failure (and, therefore, our enemies' success).

After 9/11, the realization of their own mortality caused sane people to support President Bush's actions against the jihadists.

Once enough time passed and people saw it was safe again to be liberal (read: "weak, appeasing, and treacherously self-serving") -- and that a Presidential Election was coming up -- they crawled out from under their rocks.

We are at war, and those elected to defend our lives and liberties lie about the Commander-in-Chief in order to harm him politically.

That's Treason.