Thursday, March 07, 2013

Forget titanoceratops. What about Darwin's titanic fraud?

Linked tangentially to this:
Darwinists are some of the most illogical -- and unintentionally ironic -- of all people, committing the very same thought-"crime" of which they accuse others: Making up stories not only devoid of empirical fact, but opposed by it. (Not to mention, their fairy tales are impossible to verify.)

Who has observed Life arise apart from Life or Life's programs? Who has observed a fish evolve into a reptile, or an ape-like creature into a man?

And when the first modern human arose, with what (not "whom") did he/she/it reproduce? Of course, there was no one else, but Darwinists don't want you to notice that little detail. They make the first man a zoophile who can somehow reproduce with non-humans.

But it must be true! And if you disagree, you're an idiot.