Thursday, May 03, 2012

Congratulations, Keith Olbermann! Osama hearts you

If firing Keith Olbermann displeases deranged, heartless murderers who worship a god which calls raping prepubescent nine-year-olds "beautiful," then shouldn't everyone be firing Keith Olbermann?

What's that word for giving one's enemies "Aid and Comfort," again?

Don't worry, Keith. You're in good company.

Possible captions:
A trusted resource to genocidal pedophiles everywhere.
Loved by the Worst Person in the World.
Gadahn hates Fox. bin Laden hates Fox. Why doesn't Olbermann like Fox?
How long until we find documents revealing that Adolf Hitler had a man-crush on Anderson Cooper?
Keith Olbermann, poster boy for the natural nexus between jihadists and their Useful Idiot leftists.

From the "Hello, and welcome to last decade" file:
Osama bin Laden pondered the merits of US television news channels as he considered how to extract the best propaganda benefit from the tenth anniversary of 9/11 last year, and concluded that CBS was "close to being unbiased". But an American-born media adviser for al-Qaeda warned Bin Laden to beware of the broadcasters' "cunning methods" as he described Fox News as a channel in the "abyss" that should "die in anger", CNN as too close to the US government and MSNBC as questionable after it fired one of its most prominent presenters, Keith Olbermann.
And that tells you all you need to know about the leftists in media.