Saturday, January 18, 2014

Islamic barbarism isn't an aberration, it's devotion

Bomb threats around the world over a movie? Must be Islam.

I wouldn't use "wacky" to describe jihadists. "Obedient" is more accurate.

From here:
I remember being in the theater with my brother to see THE SENTINEL when we first saw the trailer for what is now call, THE MESSAGE. Originally it was entitled, MUHAMMAD: MESSENGER OF GOD. We were excited only because it looked so grand and epic - also because my brother was history major. (He was offered to teach and Hunter University and later offered a position with the Federal Government to work in foreign American embassies) We never did get to see since it was taken out of the theaters due to bomb threats in other parts of the world and especially when a NY theater was taken hostage by savage Muslims (big surprise!) because the film contained "the prophet's" name and were against his story being told in the film - yet the producer/director was Muslim. Anyway. That was 1977 and not much has changed - and I bet most thought the attack on the Twin Towers was the first terrorist attack on America, let alone NY. NOT. These people have always been wacky my brother always stated.
Ironically, the story of Muhammad is exponentially more frightening than any fictional mass-murdering psychopath's: according to Islam's own "sacred" texts, Muhammad preached and practiced genocide, anti-Semitism, pedophilia, rape, slavery, torture, mutilation, religious and gender apartheid, wife-beating, polygyny, theft, vandalism, sedition, treason, and blasphemy and warned his followers, "Allah made me do it, and you will, too, or else!"

And Islam's "influence" on America goes back long before the 1970s. The only reason 9/11 (or even the '93 WTC attack) was a surprise to most of us is because we'd been shielded by two oceans from what the rest of the world has endured for the last one and one-half millennia.

In fact, Muhammad's doctrines have been harming Americans since the Republic's founding: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson met with an ambassador of the Barbary States (the Marines' Hymn, "to the shores of Tripoli ...") to find out why they were capturing our ships and murdering and enslaving our sailors. The reason, they were told, was that they were unbelievers and so all they had belonged to Islam.

And John Smith of Pocahontas fame? Before he came to the New World, he made a name for himself defending the West against jihad.

And if you want to go back to before America was a gleam in England's eye, Queen Isabella of Spain agreed to pay for Columbus' "shortcut" to Asia -- a detour around Islamic lands and all that that entailed -- after she defeated the last of Andalusia's (Al-Andalus') Muslim overlords, completing Spain's eight-hundred-year War of Liberation from Islam, the Reconquista.