Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Obama's "sensitive" to jihad's practitioners and their supporters but turns his back on their victims

The question is, "Why?"

When Presidents Clinton and Bush advanced Islam, it could be attributed to well-intentioned-but-suicidal ignorance. Being a[n] (allegedly) former Muslim and the "smartest president ever" means that Obama has no such excuse.

(How can any sentient, literate person not know even basic facts about jihad and shari'a and their foundation in Islam's "sacred" texts by now?)

What does it say about our allegedly-former-Muslim-in-Chief that he stalled for weeks on doing anything about bin Laden? That for sixteen hours, he "slept on" executing the final operation that successfully sent the Muslim hero to his virgins in hell? (Imagine his surprise) That if not for Leon Panetta, Hillary Clinton, Robert Gates, and David Petraeus, UBL would have escaped again?

Why is Obama eager to both provide a proper Islamic burial to "not a Muslim leader" who "mass murdered Muslims" but not to capture or kill the monster responsible for thousands of dead innocents in numerous jihad attacks over the last three decades? What about Obama's mocking President Bush when declaring that capturing or killing bin Laden would be his number one priority, as if Bush was indifferent or distracted? (It's Obama who eats ice cream, golfs, and "sleeps on it" while the world burns.)

And why do we have to worry about enraging Muslims? Why are they offended at the death of one of those "extremists hijacking" their "great world religion of peace"? Why aren't they celebrating with us? Did we worry about whether or not genocidal, totalitarian, racist, Darwinist dabblers in the occult would be offended at what we did to Hitler? Were we sensitive to atheist, militant, anti-federal-government terrorists' feelings regarding McVeigh's end? Did we fret over how homosexual, cannibalistic, evolutionists would react to Jeffrey Dahmer's punishment? That's relief from Muslim Brotherhood propagandists you've been hearing, not righteous anger.

Muslims rejoice only over dead non-Muslims but not the jihadists who make them so.