Saturday, March 26, 2011

Only the deranged, the perverse, and Muslims can ask, "what makes you any better than muslims who stone women for similar* reasons set out in the Bible?"

Could it be that . . . I'm not stoning anyone?

This is not about "being better than" anyone; we are all sinners deserving of God's wrath and dependent solely on His mercy in Christ. This is about telling the truth, by which souls are saved from hell and non-Muslims are saved from hell-on-Earth.

In reply to someone throwing Muhammad's hellish bathwater on the Baby:
Hi, I'm Richard and I think Islam . . . ,

Essentially, you're mad because you're not God. You don't like his definition of "sin" (thanks for admitting that). Fine. Create a universe, and then you can make up your own rules. Until then, can't you at least deal honestly with the Biblical texts? Do you misrepresent the Bible and its God out of ignorance only, or is it just pure cosmos envy?

(Let's see, you hate, defame, and blaspheme the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and His Christ, attribute sinful human qualities to God (God's "jealousy" is His desire for all to live, not a misogynist's possessiveness), make yourself your own god, and blame God for human evil. Are you sure you're not Muslim?)

If you really were concerned about the Problem of Pain and not just sniping, I'd point out that whatever evils and injustices you want to attribute to God, He endured the greatest evil and injustice of all, willingly sacrificing His own Son (Who willingly made the sacrifice) to pay for the sins of all. God reconciled men to Himself in Christ's body on the cross. The greater mystery is not why God allows suffering, but why He would suffer and die for a sinful humanity which rages against Him.

As for your "arguments" . . .

We have ample historical and archaeological evidence of Christ's words and deeds; what exists for the Greek or other pagan mythologies? Only the historically-illiterate can claim that Christ was a myth. Not even the most hateful liberal "theologians" do so. Not even Muslims.

Your characterization of Christians as "sheep who want to be enslaved and lead [sic] around by the nose" may be true of a lot of Christians, but that's because of human nature, not because of Christ. The greatness of Western Civilization (reaching its zenith in America) is due to Christ's words and deeds, as attested to by Thomas Jefferson, (possibly) Patrick Henry, John Quincy Adams, and Alexis de Tocqueville, to name a few:
"The Christian religion, when divested of the rags in which they [the clergy] have enveloped it, and brought to the original purity and simplicity of it's benevolent institutor, is a religion of all others most friendly to liberty, science, and the freest expansion of the human mind." -T. Jefferson

"It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason peoples of other faith have been afforded asylum, prosperity and freedom of worship here." -attributed commonly to Patrick Henry

"And he [Jesus] declared, that the enjoyment of felicity in the world hereafter, would be reward of the practice of benevolence here. His whole law was resolvable into the precept of love; peace on earth – good will toward man, was the early object of his mission; and the authoritative demonstration of the immortality of man, was that, which constituted the more than earthly tribute of glory to God in the highest . . . The first conquest of the religion of Jesus, was over the unsocial passions of his disciples. It elevated the standard of the human character in the scale of existence . . . On the Christian system of morals, man is an immortal spirit, confined for a short space of time, in an earthly tabernacle. Kindness to his fellow mortals embraces the whole compass of his duties upon earth, and the whole promise of happiness to his spirit hereafter. THE ESSENCE OF THIS DOCTRINE IS, TO EXALT THE SPIRITUAL OVER THE BRUTAL PART OF HIS NATURE." -J. Q. Adams

"The Americans combine the notions of Christianity and of liberty so intimately in their minds, that it is impossible to make them conceive the one without the other; and with them this conviction does not spring from that barren traditionary faith which seems to vegetate in the soul rather than to live." -A. de Tocqueville
As for "God created evil," that's just a postmodern, atheistic way of blaming your parents for your own bad behavior. Because if someone does evil, then it must be the fault of whoever made him, right? (You do know that's what Adam did when he first sinned, don't you?) Why do you continue to attribute human evil to God? It's not God murdering, raping, and pillaging or causing the innocent to suffer.

You wonder why God "let[s] millions of innocent children starve to death in Africa while allowing us to live with abundance?" You admit your wealth; why aren't you doing something about it instead of whining and blaming God? You do know that most of those children starving in Africa are starving because of Islam, don't you? So, you're blaming God for non-Muslims suffering at the hands of Allah. Are you sure you're not Muslim?

As for straw men, I've set up none; you stated literally that "Jesus approves of slavery." That's ridiculous. You should be embarrassed.

The laws to which you object were for the nation of Israel only, whom YHWH delivered out of slavery in Egypt to be His own people. Perhaps you missed this little detail, but ancient Israel entered voluntarily into the covenant with YHWH; they agreed to obey all the laws He gave them through Moses. How can you complain about someone else's agreements entered into of their own free will? Since those laws were for ancient Israel only, if you don't like them, you don't have to follow them.

And that highlights one of the fundamental distinctions between Moses and Muhammad: Moses' laws were part of a contract and did not apply to those outside of Israel. In Islam, no one has a choice, anywhere, at any time, unless you call only conversion, slavery, or death "possibilities."

Providing means for dealing with a permanent global institution does not indicate approval or acceptance. (You see the same thing with divorce: God intended one man-one woman for life and hates divorce, but provides certain allowances for it because of the "hardness of men's hearts.") Since the Mosaic laws regarding slavery applied to only ancient Israel and not the non-Hebrew world, any implied or stated equivalence between the Mosaic Law and Islam is obviously ill-judged.

As for the commands to Christians regarding slavery, they are part of a larger principle, which is that Christians are to share the Gospel in word and deed no matter their station in life, the salvation of souls being more important than physical circumstances. That's why slaves who become Christians were told to obey their masters.

Where is the command to enslave? Nowhere. And you might remember that Jesus didn't lead an armed rebellion against the pagan Romans who oppressed Israel (as many expected); on the contrary, He taught His followers to honor Caesar. (And He happened to allow the Romans to murder Him for the sins of the world. What a mean god! He's just like Allah!)

And of course, unsurprisingly, you left out these declarations:
Were you a slave when called? Do not be concerned about it. (But if you can gain your freedom, avail yourself of the opportunity.) (1 Corinthians)

For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery (Galatians).

For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another (Galatians).
If Christ "set us free for freedom," then how can you say that He "approves of slavery"?

As for stoning, only the deranged, the perverse, and Muslims can ask, "what makes you any better than muslims who stone women for similar reasons set out in the Bible?" The question is absurd on its face. Those kinds of false tu quoques are trotted out regularly by Islam's apologists. Are you sure you're not Muslim?

You oppose ancient Israel's method of capital punishment. Of course, stoning is horrific. What form of taking someone's life isn't? So, what should Moses have done? Nothing? (I thought you wanted evil punished?) Where was he going to find a gun? At his local Wal-Mart? Where was he going to plug in an electric chair? Unless you oppose capital punishment, you can't complain about stoning when that was one of the few options available for execution.

As for the reasons for capital punishment and to whom it applied, the Mosaic Law did not sanction stoning women hypocritically or for being raped and not having four witnesses, as does Islam. The regulations under Moses were not a means for keeping a nation oppressed and subservient to a warlord's wishes. And you may recall an account of Christ saving a woman from stoning for adultery by pointing out the hypocrisy of her accusers. Does that need explanation?

A last point: Christianity -- the doctrines derived from the Biblical texts regarding the Messiah -- originated with Moses, not Nicea. That's a common Muslim lie.

Are you sure you're not Muslim?

*"Similar" is not "same." That's just another false moral equivalence and tu quoque.

Contrary to what the "experts" conclude, Obama's foreign policy is neither "a mystery," "incoherent," nor "demented." It's treason.*

Just like his domestic policy. (But's that's going too slowly for someone who's got only a few months left on his License to Bring Down America from Within.)

Reports this week show that B. Hussein's bombing of Libya to help its rebels is aiding Al Qaeda, who have joined them. That's no surprise to anyone who's been paying attention, since when Iranians protested against Islamic rule in Iran and were murdered in the streets, all Obama could muster was "Let's not get involved in others' internal politics. Where's the ice cream?"

Look at the facts: Obama's enforcing suicidal Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan. He's bombing Qaddafi in Libya to help a rebellion supported in word and personnel by Al Qaeda. He supported Mubarak's removal in Egypt, which has given the country to the Muslim Brotherhood; Egypt's Copts have gone from the frying pan and into the fire.

When President Bush was deciding what to do in response to the global jihad, his ignorance of Islam prevented him from recognizing the truth about our enemy, and he erred accordingly. Obama has no similar excuse.

If the "smartest president ever" who was raised Muslim and attended Qur'an classes does everything he can to aid the rise of Islamic rule throughout the lands of Islam, it's no accident.

It's treason.*

*Of course, for it to be treason, the allegedly-former-Muslim-in-Chief would have to have been American at some point.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Looking for imperfections in me might be easier than facing the truth about Islam, but it definitely isn't "better"

The following is offered in response to a well-meaning but suicidally-erring Tsaritsyn, here:
Thank you for your concern, Tsaritsyn. Allow me to share mine with you:
-Why do you believe that just because you don't personally know any Muslims who rape in emulation of Muhammad that Muslims don't rape in emulation of Muhammad?

-Why do you believe that just because you aren't personally aware of any Muslims raping in Allah's name that Allah doesn't command Muslims to rape non-Muslims (and Muslim women and little girls)?

-Why do you libel a "brother" in defense of Islamic genocide, pedophilia, rape, and slavery?

-Why do you believe that my telling the truth about Islam endangers my soul?

-Why do you freely call me a "hypocrite" -- for which you have no evidence -- but refuse to denounce genocide, pedophilia, rape, and slavery in Allah's name and in emulation of Muhammad, of which you have fourteen hundred years of evidence?

-If I've erred or lied regarding Islam, why don't you point that out? If I've told the truth, then why the character assassination?
It is ironic that you accuse me of hypocrisy for pointing out the manifold crimes against God and Man carried out in obedience to Allah and its genocidal pedophile Muhammad, since though you admit (reluctantly and obliquely) that Islam kills, instead of doing something about that, you attack . . . me. In other words, Muslims commit the vilest atrocities against non-Muslims (and Muslim apostates, women, and little girls) -- including your "brothers and sisters" about whom you claim to care so much -- and rather than speak and act in their defense, you condemn me for pointing out the evil committed against them!

You're confusing crimes committed by people regardless of (or contrary to) their own belief system with crimes committed by others in obedience to one belief system in particular. In other words, when a Christian murders, rapes, or enslaves, he violates Christ's commands. When a Muslim murders a non-Muslim or Muslim apostate in service to Islam, it is in fulfillment of Allah's mandates. Do you see the distinction?

Of course, all people commit evil. The problem is that rather than condemn genocide, pedophilia, rape, and slavery -- as any decent religion should -- Islam calls them "beautiful," "Allah-pleasing," and "the best deed after believing," when done in imitation of and in obedience to Muhammad.

And isn't that instructive? Christ declared that the Second Greatest Commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself. Muhammad declared that the second greatest deed is to war against unbelievers. Do you see that distinction?

I agree that my posts contain "anger." But since I'm merely quoting Muhammad and referencing Muslim activity in imitation of him, don't blame me, blame him and his followers. The bloodlust, rape, and rapine belong to Allah's apostle alone, for he commanded the faithful Muslim to butcher and enslave those who refuse the "invitation" to convert.

It takes a special kind of ignorance, depravity, or cowardice to equate hatred of evil with the evil itself. Does your god hate evil? If he does, then why are you worried about my spiritual condition and not your own indifference? If he does not hate evil, then why do you worship him?

If I am angry, what is the target of my anger? Could it be the wanton slaughter of innocents -- men, women, and children, young and old -- in obedience to a god and prophet who mock and blaspheme Christ and rape and murder His Bride, the Church? Could it be the Allah-Pleasing Example who beheaded the men of one Jewish tribe who had surrendered to him and then distributed their women and children to his men for rape and slavery? Could it be fourteen hundred years of violating little, prepubescent nine-year-old girls and declaring that "Allah made me do it, and so should you"? Aren't such crimes deserving of scathing attacks? The harshest condemnation? Withering rebuke?

So, what "plank" must I remove in order to condemn jihad and shari'a? Whom have I decapitated to shouts of "Jesus is greatest!"? Whose wives do I keep as sex slaves because a god told me that it makes him happy? Whose little ones am I warping into malevolent fiends in order to have them war against their own blood?

Not even the godless need any compass more than the innate knowledge of right and wrong God gives to all people to understand that it is immoral to murder, enslave, torture, and rape your neighbor. How much more should a Christian, whose God has given us the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule, and His own Son for the forgiveness of our sins, recognize, expose, and condemn such barbaric evil?

Why don't you see this? Could something be obstructing your vision? Perhaps you ought to examine yourself: Why doesn't the wholesale slaughter of non-Muslims in Allah's name make you angry? Why do you not rage at the rape of non-Muslim women and children to shouts of "Allahu akbar!"? Why do you see the atrocities carried out daily in Allah's name around the world and work up indignation only for those who point out those atrocities?

And what should resorting to argumentum ad hominem show you about yourself? If I've met no, one, some, many, most, or all Muslims, does that negate what Muslims do in waging jihad? Does it ameliorate or negate Allah's brutal commands? How does the number of my Muslim family members, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, neighbors, or fellow citizens change what Muhammad commanded and practiced?

Even if I were the most hateful xenophobe, would that mean that three thousand innocents weren't murdered at Allah's command on 9/11? Would that mean that Muslims haven't committed nearly seventeen thousand terrorist attacks since 9/11 alone? Would that mean that Allah's slaves haven't butchered, raped, and enslaved non-Muslims around the world for the last nearly one and one-half millennia? That Allah doesn't require the enslavement or slaughter of all who refuse the "invitation" to convert?

You confuse individual religious expression for what a particular deity requires. You don't make this mistake when you're libeling me, but you make it easily enough when you're obfuscating for Islam. Why is that?

Christ commanded His people, "Be perfect, as your Father in heaven is perfect." How many Christians do you know who've stopped sinning? Sure, there might be some who claim that they don't sin anymore, but at the moment they do so, they've violated the Eighth Commandment. (For that matter, how many Christians do you know who can identify the Eighth Commandment?) Why should Muslims be any different?

Like adherents to any other creed, the individual Muslim may be ignorant of his religion's authoritative texts. He might know what his texts state but reject them (or portions of them) as human invention. He might know what his texts state and believe that the words are true but reject their applicability to his time and place. He might know what his god commands but ignore the parts he finds problematic. Or perhaps he knows and believes his religion but values his own life and comfort too much to act on his god's commands.

And there are two (worse) cases unique to Islam: The individual, apparently-peaceful Muslim may be exploiting a loophole provided by Muhammad which allows him to please Allah (though not as much) by supporting jihad in nonviolent ways. Or he might be practicing taqiyya, deceiving his non-Muslim neighbors to protect himself (or Islam) as circumstances dictate.

As for what to do? Admit the truth about Islam, and inform others. Resist the advance of shari'a in America. Elect politicians who understand and oppose it.

With regard to following Christ's example, did he obfuscate for, excuse, or ignore evil? To those whose sin He forgave did He say, "Don't worry about it. No, really. It's not wrong; it's just an alternative lifestyle choice. There's nothing to forgive"? Is Christ indifferent to the suffering of innocents? Does he ignore the murderer but attack the murdered?

More personally, if jihadists were about to rape your wife or daughters, would the Son of God want you to stand there wondering about the planks in your own eyes, or would he prefer instead that you act like a man and do something to protect those entrusted to your care? Christ chastised Peter's effort at His defense not because He was a pacifist (have you never read Matthew? The Pentateuch? Revelation?), but because His intention was to die for the sins of all, and Peter's reaction was an obstacle to that. Jesus submitted to human evil in obedience to His Father for the forgiveness of our sins.

I know Christ's warnings against an improper use of language. When I consider my own words, I tremble. As for "how he talked to people," please identify Who said the following:
"woe to you!"

"you devour widows' houses . . . ."

"you make him twice as much a child of hell as yourselves."

"blind guides!"

"blind fools!"

"You serpents, you brood of vipers . . . !"

"white-washed sepulchres!"

"how are you to escape being sentenced to hell?"

"den of thieves!"

"it would be better for him if a great millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea."

"Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels."

"I wish they'd go the whole way and emasculate themselves!"*

*That last one is St. Paul. You know the other Speaker.
You believe that "looking for imperfections" in me is "better, and harder" than defending all that you hold dear against the most vile totalitarian ideology in human history. It's a whole lot easier to attack and defame a Christian warning about the danger posed by jihad and shari'a than it is to defy those waging jihad and promoting shari'a, isn't it?
"Muhammad - the messenger of Allah - and those with him are harsh and stern against the disbelievers, but kind and compassionate amongst themselves" (Qur'an 48:29).

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our War of Self-Defense Against Allah is not about "harming" Muhammad; it's about preventing his followers from harming us in obedience to him

A brief clarification on why we fight from here:
I can't believe that you guys have the energy to continue discussing this topic for over a year with no progress in both sides! It's very simple, who wants to believe that Mohammed (PBUH) is the last prophet of Islam, that's cool. And who wants to believe that Mohammed (PBUH) is nothing but a cold murderer and rapist, that's also cool. Your own belief won't do any good or harm to him. So, let's stop discussing a topic we will never agree on.
Obviously, A. Hussien, Muhammad (HIUH) was both Islam's "last prophet" and "a cold murderer and rapist." That's according to your own texts.

We're not trying to "harm" the genocidal pedophile -- he's already some demon's perpetual virgin -- we're trying to prevent both Muslims from obeying and imitating Muhammad (HIUH) and self-loathing, suicidally-ignorant Useful Idiot dhimmis from aiding them.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Is there any doubt as to why Keith Ellison wants to avoid an honest examination of what leads Muslims to imitate Muhammad?*

In an interview in which he was a guest along with Representative Peter King, not-so-stealth agent-for-jihad Keith Ellison -- whose Minneapolis congressional district is "fertile recruitment ground" for Muslim terrorists headed to Somalia -- complained about King's (sham) hearings into why Muslims obey Muhammad's commands to murder and maim non-Muslims. (King himself dances around the truth by avoiding "jihad" and referring instead to efforts to "radicalize" American Muslims.)

According to a report on local news, while Ellison supports investigating the causes of "radicalization," he opposes a focus on Muslims.

That makes sense. Centuries of Buddhists blowing up and beheading non-Buddhists to shouts of "Gautama is greatest!" indicate the need to focus on someone other than Muslims, right? You'd have to be either perverse or suicidally-ignorant to endure attack-after-attack, day-after-day, year-after-year, century-after-century by one group of people and still deny the obvious.

Speaking of liberals, is it any surprise that an Islamophilic media which promotes CAIR as an honest source of information on Islam for non-Muslims would try to legitimize a Muslim politician whose hajj was paid for by the Muslim American Society of Minnesota? MAS -- along with dozens of other Muslim individuals and organizations within the United States -- is tied to Hamas founder the Muslim Brotherhood, whose stated goal is to bring down Western Civilization from within.

You remember the Brotherhood.  They're the tyrants invited by the allegedly-former-Muslim-in-Chief to rule Egypt.

Funny how that keeps happening.

*Alternative titles for this post: "1940s Europe to hold hearings on efforts to radicalize Nazis; Goebbels opposes focus on Hitler" and "Chickens to hold hearings on efforts to radicalize foxes in hen house; fox opposes focus on foxes"

Saturday, March 05, 2011

To justify genocide, pedophilia, rape, and slavery, one needs only to point to Muhammad

In response to Tsaritsyn, who asks, "how is your view, or your argument any different [than those who misquote, propagandize, and stereotype]?"
I'm telling the truth. If not, point out my error.

And if I'm quoting the Islamic texts, what "only one interpretation" am I "assuming"?

How I understand the texts doesn't matter. What matters is how Muslims interpret them. The fact is, devout Muslims have traditionally understood Muhammad's words and deeds as recorded in Qur'an, hadith, and sira literally. Centuries of commentary on those texts explain, for example, that even disbelief is "warring against Allah." Al-Ghazali, the "greatest Muslim after Muhammad," affirmed the necessity of warring against and subjugating non-Muslims. This is why no major school of Islamic jurisprudence rejects offensive warfare against "unbelievers" who refuse both the "invitation" to convert and the demand for surrender and tribute. That's 99% of official Islam.

In speaking of Christ and Allah, I've had everything flung at me. But Abraham, the Crusades, the Inquisition, etc., etc., ad infinitum, ad absurdum, ad nauseam, are merely false tu quoques, deflections, red herrings, distractions, as if those events -- even if they were proof of Christianity/Judaism being "just as bad" as Islam, which they are not -- negate fourteen hundred years of genocide, rape, and slavery in obedience to Allah and in emulation of his genocidal pedophile Muhammad.

In fact, those false charges from Muslims and their Useful Idiot dhimmis highlight the distinction between Christianity and Islam: When God commanded Abraham to offer his son Isaac as a test, did he command Abraham to kill other peoples' sons? But Allah promises paradise to those who kill and are killed fighting in its cause (Qur'an 9:111; no, that's not a typo).

As for the Crusades and Inquisition, where is the Biblical command for them? Nowhere. Period.

Besides that, the first Crusade was called in response to centuries of Christians under attack by . . . you guessed it! Islam. And the Spanish Inquisition? That was a reaction to eight hundred years of Islamic rule in Andalusia.

(I wonder, where did Christians get the idea to use political power in pursuit of religious goals? Could it have been from their Muslim overlords?)

No, only by misquoting Biblical passages can one justify evil with them; with Islam, to justify genocide, pedophilia, rape, and slavery, one needs only to imitate Muhammad.

As for anti-Semitic propaganda, where have I "twisted facts"? Which Jews are blowing up schools or beheading girls to shouts of "YHWH is greatest!"? Even if they were, to which Biblical text can they point in support of such barbarity? But the jihadists who butcher, rape, and maim every day around the world -- and have done so for the last nearly one and one-half millennia -- find ample justification for their crimes against God and Man from Muhammad's words and deeds.

"kill the pagans wherever you find them" (Qur'an 9:5).