Monday, March 07, 2011

Is there any doubt as to why Keith Ellison wants to avoid an honest examination of what leads Muslims to imitate Muhammad?*

In an interview in which he was a guest along with Representative Peter King, not-so-stealth agent-for-jihad Keith Ellison -- whose Minneapolis congressional district is "fertile recruitment ground" for Muslim terrorists headed to Somalia -- complained about King's (sham) hearings into why Muslims obey Muhammad's commands to murder and maim non-Muslims. (King himself dances around the truth by avoiding "jihad" and referring instead to efforts to "radicalize" American Muslims.)

According to a report on local news, while Ellison supports investigating the causes of "radicalization," he opposes a focus on Muslims.

That makes sense. Centuries of Buddhists blowing up and beheading non-Buddhists to shouts of "Gautama is greatest!" indicate the need to focus on someone other than Muslims, right? You'd have to be either perverse or suicidally-ignorant to endure attack-after-attack, day-after-day, year-after-year, century-after-century by one group of people and still deny the obvious.

Speaking of liberals, is it any surprise that an Islamophilic media which promotes CAIR as an honest source of information on Islam for non-Muslims would try to legitimize a Muslim politician whose hajj was paid for by the Muslim American Society of Minnesota? MAS -- along with dozens of other Muslim individuals and organizations within the United States -- is tied to Hamas founder the Muslim Brotherhood, whose stated goal is to bring down Western Civilization from within.

You remember the Brotherhood.  They're the tyrants invited by the allegedly-former-Muslim-in-Chief to rule Egypt.

Funny how that keeps happening.

*Alternative titles for this post: "1940s Europe to hold hearings on efforts to radicalize Nazis; Goebbels opposes focus on Hitler" and "Chickens to hold hearings on efforts to radicalize foxes in hen house; fox opposes focus on foxes"