Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our War of Self-Defense Against Allah is not about "harming" Muhammad; it's about preventing his followers from harming us in obedience to him

A brief clarification on why we fight from here:
I can't believe that you guys have the energy to continue discussing this topic for over a year with no progress in both sides! It's very simple, who wants to believe that Mohammed (PBUH) is the last prophet of Islam, that's cool. And who wants to believe that Mohammed (PBUH) is nothing but a cold murderer and rapist, that's also cool. Your own belief won't do any good or harm to him. So, let's stop discussing a topic we will never agree on.
Obviously, A. Hussien, Muhammad (HIUH) was both Islam's "last prophet" and "a cold murderer and rapist." That's according to your own texts.

We're not trying to "harm" the genocidal pedophile -- he's already some demon's perpetual virgin -- we're trying to prevent both Muslims from obeying and imitating Muhammad (HIUH) and self-loathing, suicidally-ignorant Useful Idiot dhimmis from aiding them.