Saturday, March 26, 2011

Contrary to what the "experts" conclude, Obama's foreign policy is neither "a mystery," "incoherent," nor "demented." It's treason.*

Just like his domestic policy. (But's that's going too slowly for someone who's got only a few months left on his License to Bring Down America from Within.)

Reports this week show that B. Hussein's bombing of Libya to help its rebels is aiding Al Qaeda, who have joined them. That's no surprise to anyone who's been paying attention, since when Iranians protested against Islamic rule in Iran and were murdered in the streets, all Obama could muster was "Let's not get involved in others' internal politics. Where's the ice cream?"

Look at the facts: Obama's enforcing suicidal Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan. He's bombing Qaddafi in Libya to help a rebellion supported in word and personnel by Al Qaeda. He supported Mubarak's removal in Egypt, which has given the country to the Muslim Brotherhood; Egypt's Copts have gone from the frying pan and into the fire.

When President Bush was deciding what to do in response to the global jihad, his ignorance of Islam prevented him from recognizing the truth about our enemy, and he erred accordingly. Obama has no similar excuse.

If the "smartest president ever" who was raised Muslim and attended Qur'an classes does everything he can to aid the rise of Islamic rule throughout the lands of Islam, it's no accident.

It's treason.*

*Of course, for it to be treason, the allegedly-former-Muslim-in-Chief would have to have been American at some point.