Wednesday, September 28, 2011

China's honest language regarding the "jihad" against it

A Communist state doesn't understand Man's God-given, unalienable rights or government's responsibility to protect them, but they do understand self-defense, unlike us. For how can we defend ourselves against an enemy we can't even name? No wonder they're not afraid of us. Not only are our gutless and compromised leaders unwilling to tell the truth about the Religion Which Shall Not Be Named, but we elect as our president someone who at best is an Islamophilic former Muslim.

(And notice the bias in this article's title: "China blames Muslim extremists" rather than "Muslims kill again in Xinjiang.")

From here:
Captured suspects confessed that their ringleaders had earlier fled to Pakistan and joined the separatist "East Turkestan Islamic Movement," and received training in making firearms and explosives before infiltrating back into China, the Kashgar government said.

"The members of this group all adhere to extremist religious ideas and adamantly support Jihad," said the statement, referring to the Arabic term for struggle used by advocates of militant Islam to describe their cause.