Monday, May 16, 2005

How can you defeat an enemy you do not recognize?

Secretary of State Rice, whom I hold in extremely high regard, this weekend made some very disturbing comments in her address to some of our military overseas.

Besides apologizing for our "desecration" of the Qur'an (how do you desecrate that which is by nature profane?), Dr. Rice said that "the lack of freedom" in the Middle East is what motivates the "ideology of hate."

This is not true. It is the Qur'an and the sayings and doings of Mohammed that inspire the hate. Allah commands it. (Are any of our military dying with the belief that their sacrifice will help Islam love us? I hope not.)

I have been disappointed, frustrated, and angered to hear President Bush repeatedly refer to Islam as "one of the world's great religions" and a "religion of peace." I was outraged to hear him equate the Qur'an with the Bible in his Second Inaugural Address. I thought he was, for what he deemed necessary political gain, knowingly misrepresenting Islam.

After hearing Dr. Rice express the same dangerous beliefs on what motivates our enemy, I am led to hope that perhaps our leaders are only ignorant of the breadth and depth of the danger of Qur'anic Islam, and not actually lying to us.

Is ignorance better than lying? At least with ignorance there is the possibility that one will realize the truth before it is too late.