Sunday, April 02, 2006

Bill Clinton, the first Muslim president

As the president who bombed Christians in defense of terrorist Muslims, aided Islam's terror effort against Israel by trying to legitimize Arafat as anything other than a bloody murderer and liar, allowed OBL to live to carry out 9/11, and compromised our national security for his patron communist China, Clinton's advice on anything involving our defense ought to receive only derision.

What does it matter if anyone takes him seriously? It's only Americans and Jews who get hurt.

Bill Clinton prepared to shake hands with Hamas (that must make the devil jealous):

Bill Clinton says that we should deal with Hamas if they lie to us as slickly and effectively as Arafat did. He even recommends deal with them if they hew -- explicitly -- to a policy of winning through negotiations what they have up to now sought through terror attacks.

This is beyond foolish. It is, if pursued consistently as a policy toward the mujahedin in Israel and elsewhere, suicidal. It would give the mujahedin worldwide a victory of incalculable proportions.

Clinton would be fit only for the lunatic asylum were it not for the fact that his words will be heeded, and that the U. S. government will probably follow the course he recommends.

"Clinton: I would be prepared to shake hands with Hamas," from AFP, with thanks to all who sent this in:

...Asked if he would shake hands with Hamas in the name of negotiation as he did with Arafat in 1993, Clinton said: "If they made the same assurances that Arafat did.

"He had made private assurances, and he made public assurances, that he did not support terror any more and would try to restrain it.

He was lying through his teeth, and contradicted himself in his Arabic speeches, but never mind that.

"So if Hamas would say, suppose they say, OK, look, we can't change our theory, we can't change our document, we can't change our history, but we're in government now and the policy of the Palestinian government is no to terror and yes to negotiations. As long as we're in government, we'll honour that policy.

"If they did that, I would support dealing with them."