Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Promoting uninspired falsehood as serious criticism

Such is commonplace among Islam's apologists, whether they are Muslims defending the faith or Allah's Useful Idiots blinded by their ill-conceived (and suicidal) notions of "tolerance" and their rabid hatred for Christ and the civilization built upon His teachings.

Following is what one brave soul left as a rebuttal to this, along with my comments.
Anonymous said...

you say that "Allah's War Against Humanity has been ongoing and global for almost fourteen hundred years." Does that include colonialism that was the ruling factor since the 1300's?

In just these few words, Anonymous demonstrates the relatively complete historical and textual ignorance and the really poor reasoning skills one must firmly possess in order to defend Islam. Whether such malformed falsehood is propaganda intended to deceive gullible and unwitting non-Muslims, or it is only an expression of the utter lack of intellectual integrity and the abundance of civilizational self-loathing bred by the West's academic, media, and political elites, is hard to say.

Whether or not "colonialism" was the "ruling factor since the 1300's" is irrelevant to the point, which is that Allah has been waging war against non-Muslims through Mohammed and his followers for nearly one and one-half millennia. It is a fact that Qur'an and Sunnah--the unalterable word of Allah and the words and deeds of his false prophet--require the faithful, good, observant Muslim to fight against, subdue and humilate, and kill "unbelievers" to make the world Islam. Anyone who denies this is either ignorant of Islam's core, authoritative texts and history, or they are a liar. Which is Anonymous?
And if you would like to argue about the Ottooman empire, u can read some history and learn that the Ottoman Empire was no more a Moslem Empire than the British and French Christian Empires.

Besides what do you say for the Portugese and Spanish inquisitions? All the Western Empires?
Again, more poor "reasoning." The Ottomans expanded, conquered, killed, raped, and enslaved in the name of Allah. If not, why did they steal, enslave, and forcibly convert young Christian, European boys, making them into savage Muslim warriors who eventually were used to brutalize their own people? Why is it that when the Hagia Sofia was taken it was desecrated and turned into a mosque? Perhaps Anonymous can explain why it is the Ottomans committed genocide against Christians for generations.

Though it might be impossible to tell by looking at them today, the British and the French were once Christian nations. The critical distinction to make here (and I'm a bit surprised that Anonymous didn't pummel this deceased equine) is that a Christian nation's carrying out expansive, offensive warfare is in no way obedient to Scripture; Muslim nations executing offensive jihad against non-Muslims is in fulfillment of their "holy" texts.

Nowhere in the Bible will you find commands for Christians to torture, imprison, or in any other way coerce non-Christians on matters of faith. In contrast, Qur'an and Sunnah are replete with exhortations to war against, mutilate, crucify, and decapitate those who do not submit to Allah's rule. Any violations of (the true) God's commands by Christians are evil. However, they in no way justify, ameliorate, or deny Mohammed's bloodlust.

[It is worth noting that unlike Islam, Christianity grew up (truly) persecuted and remained non-violent for centuries. After hundreds of years of enduring Islam's Allah-ordained fusion of religion and state and its merciless application of force on the Apostate/Infidel, would it be unreasonable to assume that perhaps the practice of Christianity in those nations had been warped by its unwelcomed role model?]
It is not Allah who has waged war against humanity, it's humans that waged war against humans. Greed and hate are the reason, religion the means (no matter what religion it is).
It is true that greed and hate motivate offensive warfare. In the case of Islam, greed, hate, deceit, and lust (and every evil that serve them) are made divine.
Your hate blogging is so full of holes and illogical arguments, it's ridiculous! If u were'nt so blindid by hate, u would have done better unbiased research. No matter, your ignorance has wasted enough of my time.
Telling the truth about a faith's founding personality, foundational texts, and its history is "hate"? Yes, many of the words here are hateful, but they are not mine. They belong to Allah and the prophet from Hell.