Thursday, June 28, 2007

Serbs defend themselves against Islamic terrorism, and Muslims get their land

From here:
GRACANICA, Serbia (Reuters) - Serbs in Kosovo on Thursday marked an epic medieval battle central to their claim to the province, testing the patience of the Albanian majority already angry at delays to its demand for independence.
How condescending! Of course, the Albanians deserve to have the land they've rightfully stolen!
NATO troops secured the route as U.N. police escorted several busloads of nationalists from the Serb stronghold of Mitrovica to a church service in the Serb monastery enclave of Gracanica, near the capital Pristina.
It's about time NATO "troops" did something other than rape African girls desperate for food. It's too bad no one let them know sooner about the rampant and systematic Muslim destruction of Christian churches there.
The West sees no prospect of returning Kosovo to Serb rule. Albanian leaders have threatened to declare independence unilaterally if the U.N. impasse drags on much longer.
Give us some, or we'll take it all! Of course, when Muslims don't get what they want by asking, they take it by force, echoing their prophet's habit.
June 28, or St Vitus' Day in the Serbian Orthodox calendar, marks the anniversary of the 1389 Battle of Kosovo, when Orthodox Christian Serbs lost to the Muslim Ottoman Turks on fields north of Pristina.

The defeat ushered in 500 years of Ottoman rule and became central to a Serb belief in their close links to God.
You mean that Muslim imperialism didn't begin with the Jews in 1947 or President Bush after 9/11? This author must be an Islamophobe!
Late Serb leader Slobodan Milosevic exploited the battle six centuries later, riding the tiger of Serb nationalism into the wars that tore apart Yugoslavia and drew NATO bombs in 1999 to halt the killing of Kosovan Albanians.
Yes, defending one's people against a resurgence of historical Muslim terrorism is "exploiting" an ancient battle.

And of course -- lest we miss this subtle fact -- it is Serb nationalism, not Muslim terrorism, that devastated Yugoslavia!

Why is it that when Bill Clinton decided to bomb here, instead of destroying Muslim terrorists, he devasted Christians? Why is it that when he had opportunities to erase OBL, he chose not to do so? Why is it that after numerous jihadist attacks against America under his watch, he chose to do nothing at all?

No matter how hard President Bush repeats "Religion of Peace," no matter how many discussions with terrorist-supporting nations in which he engages (a person may destroy an enemy by making him his friend -- so much for "if they're not with us . . . ," -- but I don't think this is what President Lincoln had in mind), regardless of how many hard-earned American tax-payers dollars he squanders on terrorists trying to destroy Israel, Clinton's distinction as the First Muslim President appears safe (although, now he's got a new challenger on the horizon: Jimmy Carter).
Almost a million Albanians were temporarily driven out in a two-year Serb counter-insurgency war. NATO forced Serb forces to withdraw and Kosovo has been run by the United Nations since.
Again, the truth accidentally slips through Reuters' filters: "Serb counter-insurgency war."

And that's what you get when you have the UN in charge: Christians dead, their land stolen, and Muslims achieving their goals in establishing the tyranny of Allah over all mankind.
This year's anniversary falls amid deepening diplomatic stalemate over the Kosovo Albanian demand for independence.
Also known as "flagrant Muslim land grab jihad."
Serbian ally Russia has blocked the adoption of a U.N. Security Council resolution that would set Kosovo on the path to statehood, raising fears among NATO powers of Albanian unrest.
We wouldn't want Muslims upset! Isn't that what two-year-olds do, only without IEDs?
Kosovo's U.N. governor on Wednesday banned a self-styled 'volunteer guard' of Serb nationalists from attending the anniversary at the towering Gazimestan monument.
Anything with "-stan" at the end of it cannot be a good sign for Infidels. And that "volunteer guard," they wouldn't happen to be men tired of their people and their land being raped, slaughtered, and stolen, would they?
Kosovo Albanian hardliners had warned that the 'Guard of Tsar Lazar' would be "met with bullets."
A handful of Serbs in Gracanica wore t-shirts of the Tsar Lazar guard, calling for "war for the liberation of Serbian land".

The Congress of Serb Unity said it would pay respects "to the holy Kosovo warriors who fell defending Christian civilization and the whole of Europe from Islam."

Around 100,000 Serbs remain in Kosovo, outnumbered by 2 million Albanians, mostly Muslim but overwhelmingly secular.
Certainly, there's nothing to fear from these "overwhelmingly secular" Muslims (it is obvious these Serbs are not only stuck in the Dark Ages, they're racist too!).

That's why they're demanding land at the point of a gun. Whenever I'm denied the land I've rightfully invaded and occupied -- even after appropriately raping, butchering, and burning my way through it -- I often threaten gun violence.

And why is it that the Left want to deny Americans their right to bear arms, but Muslims get to brag about theirs?
It was at the Gazimestan monument in 1989 that Milosevic addressed hundreds of thousands of Serbs in a speech that foreshadowed the bloody collapse of Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

Almost a decade later, after wars in Bosnia and Croatia, Milosevic launched a crackdown on separatist Kosovo guerrillas. Independent estimates put the civilian death toll at between 7,500 and 12,000, mostly Albanians.
"separatist," "guerillas," "Civilian." "mostly Albanians." All the euphemisms for Muslim terrorists. And that last phrase means partly Serb.

As unwittingly noted above, at whose feet does the responsibility for that blood fall? Allah's, of course.