Thursday, January 24, 2008

Admission by omission

Muslims Against Sharia -- a group working against those aspects of Islamic theology and law which "promote divisiveness and religious hatred, bigotry and discrimination" against non-Muslims and females -- is publicizing their efforts at removing the Qur'anic foundation for such evil.

The list of verses -- including, it appears, entire surahs -- can be found here. There are also numerous ahadith that need purging. And most of Mohammed's latter years.

It is instructive to note that in order to demolish the Islamic justifications for such barbarity, one must remove numerous passages of Islam's foundational texts.

(So much for the idea that "Islam is peace," though MAS would say that those passages requiring violence and oppression are not from Allah.)

The fact that this group of heroic Muslims is a tiny minority when compared to their orthodox coreligionists demonstrates also the fundamental error of the President's public statements on the legitimacy of those who maim and kill for Allah.