Monday, August 25, 2008

Supporting Calvin's heresies by making a false moral equivalence between deities

More in response to someone who, if he is not a Calvinist, has latent Calvinist tendencies.

It appears that Mr. McDust is trying to support Calvin's heresies by making a false moral equivalence between his god and Christ. His main argument is essentially one, giant tu quoque.
Where in my comment did I say I was a Calvinist??
I don't think you did.

Judging by the emotional and defensive tone of your comments in response to posts critical of Calvinism, I assumed naturally you were. Who else would try to make Christ as monstrous as Calvin's god?

So, are you a Calvinist? If not, why would you attempt to equate the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob with his capricious beast?

Or do you just hate Roman Catholics?
The main thrust of my comment (including the "drunk boyfriend" example) was to point out to YOU that YOU "blame God" for evil (that is, if you affirm that God is sovereign), just as much as you accuse Calvinists of doing. I can't believe that point was lost on you.
One cannot lose that which never existed.

Your "argument" does not apply to me since I do not blame God for human evil. Neither do I mistake God's patience -- His desiring that all should repent and live -- for malice, indifference, or impotence.

God will address every wrong that needs addressing.

If Christ were to wipe out every evil, who would be left? Would you prefer that?

You have blood on your hands, too.
I'll ask you again -- Do you believe that God is all-powerful and all-knowing? That's a simple question, right? And I would prefer that you answer that question in the comments section of this post, please. So that people can easily see the entirety of what I actually said, rather than seeing your carefully [. . . ] version of what I said, in which you intentionally distort my original meaning.
I included a link to your comments. What a clumsy thing to do if I wanted to "intentionally distort" your meaning. If I wanted to do that, I'd delete your comment entirely and have my way with your post.
If you believe that God is truly all-powerful and all-knowing (i.e. sovereign), then you yourself are just as legitimately accused of "blaming" God for evil and for people going to Hell as Calvinists are. Now, note: I'm not saying it's a LEGITIMATE accusation--I'm saying it's JUST as legitimate as your accustation is against Calvinists.
Calvinists teach that God creates people for Hell (Double Predestination). Those who end up there roast only because of His "divine sovereignty."

That is blasphemy, since the Bible says that those who end up in Hell do so because of their own sin.

Calvinists also teach that God did not die for all, does not have mercy on all, does not work in the hearts of all. The Bible says that Christ atoned for the sins of the whole world, reconciling us all to His Father through His body on the cross.
If you DON'T believe that God is truly all-powerful and all-knowing, then you're guilty of heresy/blasphemy; in which case, if I were you I'd maybe focus a little more on my own severely flawed theology rather than the flawed theology of others.
So, you call teaching God's holiness and mercy -- not His capriciousness and malevolence -- and human depravity "heresy/blasphemy."

Are you sure you're not a Calvinist?
So, take your pick -- is God all-powerful and all-knowing or is He not? I'm looking forward to your answer, right after this comment... in the comment section... of THIS post... Thanks.
God is omniscient and omnipotent. That doesn't mean that He creates people for suffering.

Analogies often break down easily, but since the Word of God is not enough for you, I'll try one.

You are arguing that for Someone to know their child will suffer evil in this life and still create them makes God a monster.

You've just smeared every mother and father who's ever lived.
Because you affirm that God is sovereign-- YOU believe that God, before He created this existence exactly as He did, foresaw the situation of LOTS of people going to Hell. And yet God decided to go ahead and create this existence exactly as He did anyway. That is, He had the choice to create this existence any way He wanted, knowing LOTS of people would end up in Hell if He created it this particular way, and, in light of this knowledge, He decided to create it this particular way.

So (again, assuming you DO believe that God is all-knowing) how is it that you are less legitimately accused of "blaming God" than Calvinists are?
The Calvinist's god creates people for Hell and denies Christ's atoning sacrifice to many.

The God of the Bible creates people for eternal life, and restores that life through Christ's atoning sacrifice for all.

If you can't make that simple distinction, there's not much more to say.