Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Illegal Immigrant-in-Chief is doing just what he promised

How has the President done his first few days in office?

Well, the least harmful thing he's done is try to enter the White House through a window.

B. Hussein has been running the White House thermostat at Torch, which is ironic considering his condescending sermonizing over American energy consumption during the campaign. Today he chastised Wall Street executives for their profligate spending -- right after spending more on his inauguration than any of his peers. On top of that, immediately after his Congress approved nearly a trillion dollars in spending (most of it not going to immediate job creation or keeping allegedly essential financial institutions afloat), he celebrated with steak that costs $100 per serving.

It's good to see that he's being frugal with the American Taxpayer's hard-earned dollars.

As for transparency, he still hasn't released his birth certificate. Since the President claims he was born here, there is no way he would have been naturalized. But his grandmother says she saw him born in Kenya. That means B. Hussein is a citizen of the world but not the United States of America.

Thank goodness for those patriots in the Media defending our Constitution!

[The oath of loyalty to the Office of the President story is false, so it is removed.]

As for improving America's standing in the world while defending us from our enemies, President Hussein is closing a terrorist prison, trying to bring its prisoners into the U.S., and groveling at the feet of the Islamic world in his first television interview as President, bad-mouthing America along the way. Iran's Terrorist-in-Chief demonstrated immediately the effectiveness of Obama's Tough Diplomacy by demanding that B. Hussein apologize to the Islamic world for America's defending itself and supporting Israel.

Not all Change is good.