Friday, April 24, 2009

Just whose side is he on?

If Allah and his apostle command the subjugation, humiliation, and slaughter of all who refuse the "invitation" to Islam, what is the difference between Islam and "militant" Islam?

The American "president"
-bows to the tyrant of Saudi Arabia,

-apologizes to Iran (for their taking American citizens hostage?),

-cajoles the radical Venezuelan dictator Chavez,

-and courts the murdering Castro brothers of Cuba,
but according to a report from his administration, it is patriotic Americans who believe in Individual Liberty and limited government -- especially heroes returning from war -- who pose a potential terrorist threat.

The Founding Fathers would be under house arrest, but jihadists are to be released into America itself?

Just in today's news:
Obama will release Uighur Muslim terrorists into the United States and release new photos of Americans being mean to bloodthirsty monsters; but Tony Blair calls for the world to wage war against "militant" Islam.
If an illegal immigrant from Kenya/Indonesia can be president, why can't Tony Blair? Even if his definitions need some refining, at least he wants to put up a fight.