Saturday, September 26, 2009

Only real American generosity can end the threat of Islamophobia-induced resistance

We have been too self-centered.

Too xenophobic.

Too fascist, too racist, too Euro-centric.

America needs to look beyond itself and consider how others view the world.

We need to stop assuming that everyone else thinks the way we do.

I propose that, instead of trying to fit others into our pathetic, self-absorbed, can't-see-past-who's-left-on-American-Idol, little box, we try to see things as they do, especially those who seek to harm us for what many of our more-enlightened and clearly-more-sophisticated betters tell us are legitimate grievances.

I've begun to do just that.

Over the last several years I've been really listening -- without preconditions -- to what those obviously-innocent adherents of the Great World Religion -- victims of capitalist, racist, American prejudice -- are saying.

You know what I've discovered?

America is stingy.  If we want peace with others, if we want to regain the world's respect and rebuild bridges, if want to lead the world into a more peaceful future, we need to start giving people what they really want, not what we think is necessary.

Consider the facts:
-We've offered up only a few thousand of our best and bravest in protecting "innocent" "South Asian" lives.

-Despite America's vast wealth, we've withheld all but around a trillion in treasure trying to win the hearts and minds of "youths," the "poor," the "non-integrated," the "disenfranchised," and the "oppressed."

-We've only recently elected to the leadership of our nation someone who is clearly more understanding of Muslim sensibilities than anyone who's never been a Muslim could be.
(His mild-to-moderate anti-Semitism?  Yes, 1930's Germany did better, but Europe is always ahead of us.  Give the guy a break!  You can't expect perfection after only a few months on the job.)
To enhance this new-and-improved worldview (as someone perceptively pointed out to me once, I need to walk in someone else's moccasins before I can judge them!) I've been studying the texts, tenets, and history of those currently fighting the global Zionist/Crusader conspiracy against Muslims.

Now I see clearly:
It's my fault for resisting the rape, enslavement, mutilation, and slaughter of non-Muslims, apostates, women, and little girls.

It's my fault for denying two basic, self-evident truths: I am "the worst of creatures," and Muslims are "the best of people" who deserve my total subjugation and humiliation.
I know!  How narrow-minded and bigoted I've been!

So, what can we do?  How can America atone for its willful blindness?

I propose that we give those who want to kill us what they really want.

A Muslim's ultimate goal is paradise, and I've found one certain way to give that to them.

In Qur'an 9:111 (only a fearful hatemonger would see 9/11 in that citation, racist!), Allah promises eternal bliss -- including dozens of perpetual virgins and boys "like pearls" -- to those who kill and are killed for him.

What more expedient, more efficient, more generous way to help as many Muslims as possible realize their ultimate dream, their hearts' deepest desire, than to give to Mecca and Medina the same "travel package" we gave to Hiroshima and Nagasaki?  (We would have given the same to Berlin if Hitler and his freedom fighters had held out a little longer; if you doubt that, then you must be unaware of what Dresden received.)

We can give sufficient advanced notice so that only the most devout, the most zealous, the most righteous Muslims get to cash in on Allah's guarantee; those apostates who want to stay here and collude with the Zionists and Crusaders will have time to flee.

It's a win-win situation.

We get to make up for past sins, Muslims of conscience can be free of Islam, and the devout get their cosmic brothel (though I don't think it will be exactly what they expected).


Total war is harsh.

Islam is a theology of power, Muhammad a bully, a tyrant.  When Muslims suffer defeat, when Islam is met by overwhelming force and must submit, it loses heart, it wonders what it's done wrong.

Utter annihilation of Islam's holiest sites could prove to Muslims the death of their god.

I do not want violence.

I would prefer a global conversion to faith in Christ.

If not that, a global apostasy (which a devastating, spectacular, overwhelming defeat could effect).

I would prefer the containment of Islam's vile doctrines (and its practitioners) to the lands of Islam, along with an exodus from them of all non-Muslims and apostates.  Perhaps then pressure could be brought to bear on Muslims -- without violence -- to extinguish the hellish ideology.

Neither treason, sedition, genocide, slavery, rape, nor pedophilia are protected by the Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights, the Geneva Conventions, or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and no free nations are moving toward containment.

It cannot be moral under any circumstances to stand by impotent while innocents are harmed.  What do you do when they want to put your babies in the oven?  When they've come to rape your wife and daughters?

What's the alternative?

If we do nothing (or more of the same), we'll get more of the same: More rape and more slaughter -- and eventually, it will be you, your wife, your sons and daughters -- until no one remains who can resist.

Eventually, we'll see a mushroom cloud over an Israeli, American, European, Indian, or other non-Muslim city, all because we were afraid of being called a name.

By whom?  Cowards, degenerates, and terrorists?

I do not doubt that every man, woman, and child -- every civilization -- ever devoured by Islam wished that they had, once they discovered too late exactly what they were facing, the means to resist it successfully.

Today we have the means to defend ourselves, but not only do we lack the will . . .

. . . we don't have a clue.

Those who put into practice, aid, defend, or tolerate an ideology which demands the slavery or death of all who refuse the "invitation" to Islam are worth not even one non-Muslim life, one woman's honor, one child's soul.

Not one more drop of American blood.  Not one more coin of American treasure.

The blood of those who must be put down in defense of Life and Liberty is on their own heads . . . and Muhammad's hands.