Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"We can never know why"? Everyone knows why . . .

Only the ignorant, treacherous, and perverse argue otherwise.

Hugh Hewitt rejects the monitoring of American mosques, even though at least three-fourths teach Islamic supremacism in accord with Qur'an and sunnah.

John and Ken finally find the voice to denounce Islam, though they still moderate the truth with "-isms" and "-ists."

Both are more truthful than the allegedly former-Muslim Obama.

And after so many lives taken, broken, and destroyed in the name of Allah, some referred (sarcastically, in the beginning) to the cause of Hasan's slaughtering as "Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder."

How stupid. How treacherous.

Muslims like Muslims Against Shari'a and M. Zuhdi Jasser excepted -- I commend their honesty and decency -- every Muslim who knows what their god and prophet require regarding offensive and retaliatory jihad against non-Muslims but does not denounce those teachings publicly and permanently is a terrorist or terrorist-supporter.

For every one who actually carries out violence against "unbelievers," how many more support, approve of, or appreciate jihad attacks like Hasan's?

If you want to claim that most Muslims are peace-loving, law-abiding, faithfully-serving-in-the-Armed-Forces kinds of Muslims, then I have a question for you: How do you distinguish between those who actually reject permanently offensive warfare against "unbelievers," the rape and degradation of women and little girls, and death for apostates and those who instead obey Allah?

Would you have us wait until blood is spilled again?  That may soothe your false sense of self-righteousness, your rotting facade of "tolerance," but what about the dead and wounded?  What about lives which in this world cannot be mended?

And when your sons and daughters are the ones raped, beheaded, or vaporized in Allah's name, what will you say?  "How could I have known?"

The truth is, as long as you persist in the pernicious lie that Islam is a "great world religion of peace," you can have no sure way of determining who is sympathetic (or worse) to jihad.

But I have a way: Point out to your decent, he's-a-swell-fellow, wouldn't-hurt-a-fly, he's-just-like-us Muslim what Allah commands and what Muhammad said and did.

Do they admit, condemn, and denounce those teachings, or do they explode?

If someone believes that their god commands, "kill the pagans wherever you find them . . . Fight against . . . the People of the Book until they feel themselves subdued and pay the jizya . . . Paradise [belongs to those who] kill and are killed [fighting in Allah's cause]" (Qur'an 9), then that person is an agent of jihad, whether they contribute to it with their actions, "charitable contributions," litigation, materiel, logistics, votes, letters to the editor, prayers, or reproductive organs.

Since Allah commands and Muhammad practiced offensive warfare against non-Muslims in order to make the world Islam, what EXACTLY is the difference between an "Islamo-fascist, fundamentalist, extremist, fanatical, radical, jihadist, Islamicisi-cisi-cisi-cist" and a "moderate" Muslim?

And B. Hussein Obama aids jihad by outright lying about Islam in general (the Cairo Address) and Hasan's motivations in particular ("We can never know why.").

America, you've surrendered the keys to the kingdom -- you've given defense of the kingdom -- to the Muslim barbarian hordes.