Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A rat in the White House

Note the dark grey coat, the beady eyes, the gaunt face, the ravenous glare, the long, thin tail:

(Wait . . . That's a microphone cord . . . .)

"Rat? What rat? Let's not jump to any conclusions."

In an ironic and completely avoidable twist on "The Pied Piper of Hamelin," this time the rat is leading the children to their doom. The Pied Piper of Hafiz*:
-has spent more than a million dollars in legal fees to hide his personal records (including a birth certificate, if it exists). If I have to produce documentation to obtain a passport, qualify for a home loan, or use a credit card -- if a war hero like John McCain has to prove his citizenship to the Senate in order to be eligible for the presidency, as our Constitution requires -- why can't Obama? Why won't Obama?

-has done nothing to secure our borders, but he does invite (other?) foreign-born, tin-pot, third-world, aspiring dictators to our capital to denounce Americans' enforcing extant federal law in defense of its citizens;

-had his grandmother admit that she witnessed his birth in Kenya;

-had his own wife refer to Kenya as his "home country;"

-is the biggest recipient of contributions over the last twenty years from Goldman-Sachs, while using their little "drama" to tighten the government's grip on our financial institutions;

-uses a leaking well as a distraction and a bludgeon with which to punish the American people for its use of oil (quadruple the tax?);

-devours one private industry after another and looks for more;

-succeeded in socializing medicine, which means politicians will decide who's worthy to receive what treatments, when;

-burdens America and its posterity with crushing, enslaving debt and wants to add to that a European-style Vassal-Added-Tax (VAT), the end result being gargantuan inflation, bankruptcy, and military inferiority;

-lives like a king at our expense -- "ready to rule from Day 1" -- while insisting that We the People tighten our belts and inflate our tires;

-defunds our space program and advanced weapons systems development, disarms our military, and uses suicidal Rules of Engagement to bleed our warriors (medals for restraint?);

-has been such a weakling toward America's enemies that the insane despot in North Korea has attacked South Korea, breaking a hard-won ceasefire for which many in this nation bled and died;

-has allied himself for decades with America's enemies -- including leftist terrorists, Muslims, and Islamophilic, racist, America-hating, anti-Semitic pseudo-Christians;

-bows to Muslim and Communist tyrants and submits to Islamic supremacism in the United Nations;

-lies repeatedly for Islam, the "religion" in which he was raised and training which "the smartest president ever" ought to recall;

-appoints those who defend terrorists to inform policy and enforce the law, sexual predators to care for our children's well-being, and anti-Semitic, Useful, Idiot Dhimmis and closet jihadists to "deal" with Israel;

-betrays our European allies to their Muslim and Soviet neighbors and the only decent nation in the Middle East, Israel, to Islam;

-eats ice cream while Iran slaughters its own people and arms itself for genocide in Israel and metrocide in America;

-urges restraint in "jumping to conclusions" when Muslims shout "Allahu akbar!" and gun down Americans or when they try to detonate their SUVs, their shoes, and their underwear, but patriotic Americans, including returning military? They are "potential terrorists;"

-seeks to give those waging jihad against America the rights of citizens;

-he relies on Muslim incompetence to foil Islamic terrorism in America.
*or not. "Hafiz" is a term for those who have memorized Qur'an.

Reports I've read suggest that though Obama was in Qur'an classes for serious students, he was not a good student. So, the current president is either a serious student of Islam and is deceiving the American people about his knowledge of it, or he's a poor student. A case of, "Damned if you do, damned if you don't."

Or, if you ask Obama's "spiritual mentor" of twenty-plus years, just "damned," America.