Thursday, August 05, 2010

Deception and censorship: A Muslim apologist's only friends*

Because Islam's apologists can't win on the facts -- even with their own people; that's why Muhammad prescribed death for those who leave Islam -- they resort to other, less forthright tactics.  Two of those are on display below.

Fazeel Gareeboo obfuscates in defense of Islam:
. . . I still don't understand how because some followers of a religion are criminals and claim that their religion gives them justification for the crimes they commit, that means that the religion itself, and the overwhelming majority of its followers is criminal. It seems to me that you go from 'A large majority of (claimed) religiously motivated crimes are committed by Muslims these days... therefore their religion must be criminal'. Is that the gist of your argument/reasoning?
To which I replied:
Refusing to answer my question, Fazeel? I'm not surprised.

As for your straw man: Is your gross misstatement of my position due to a lack of reading comprehension or honesty? (Now, before you pretend to be offended, you and I both know that Muhammad declared that "War is deceit," and had no qualms at all about lying to advance his goals.) Since Allah called him a "beautiful pattern of conduct" (according to Muhammad himself -- how convenient!), the faithful Muslim should not only obey Allah's commands to enslave and slaughter, but also imitate the genocidal pedophile's example. And what is that example, exactly?

Your "Ideal Man" committed genocide, kept a prepubescent nine-year-old as a sex slave, and raped, mutilated, tortured, enslaved, stole, extorted, practiced polygyny, beat his wives (endorsed wife-beating, at least), instituted religious and gender apartheid, deceived, and blasphemed the living God. Even worse, Muhammad claimed that "the devil made me do it" and demanded that his followers do the same, or else.

That's the "gist of my argument."

So, back to my question: Do you support jihad against and the imposition of shari'a on non-Muslims or not?
Seeing someone defending Western Civilization, the valiant Dennis rode in to save the day with:
Reported as inappropriate. Please take your hate someplace else.
He did not escape unscathed:
That's what Muslims and other tyrants do, isn't it? When you can't win on the facts, silence your opposition using whatever means you can.

Dennis, you defend genocide, rape, and slavery on "religious" grounds, but accuse *me* of "hate"?

Instead of resorting to censorship in order to silence the facts about your genocidal pedophile-as-prophet, why don't you expose and condemn his perverse and murderous ideology?

You ought to report yourself as "inappropriate."
*Unless you count the mainstream media, Bill O'Reilly, every Democrat, and most Republicans.
Muslim apologists don't engage in horrific violence, typically.  That's reserved for their more "courageous" coreligionists.