Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Allah's elephants

Timothy Behrend offers the following in obfuscating for Muhammad's ideology from hell, claiming that someone merely relating the words and deeds of the genocidal pedophile and his followers misunderstands Islam.  (Allah will not be pleased!)

Timothy and his coreligionists will have to understand if non-Muslims lack interest in the details of satan's secret handshake; we care about neither the direction nor frequency with which they bow to the underworld; zakat is no "charity" when it's denied to non-Muslims but not to mujahideen.

Behrend trumpets:
[. . .] claims, "I am blind to nothing", all the while mistaking a pachiderm's [sic] toenail for the entire elephant.
My reply:
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is another example of the unintentional (and tragic) irony of Islam.

Not only do Muslims take after Muhammad in being the opposite of thick-skinned ("pachyderm") -- Who are you calling 'thin-skinned'? I'll kill you! -- but it is they who wish us to notice only Islam's extremities and not the fact that its extremists are not really "extreme" at all but merely emulating Muhammad's abhorrent example.

(I must apologize for using "extremists" for the reason mentioned above, a fact with which TB has never dealt honestly. I use the term here only because it suited a clever turn-of-phrase.)

A more accurate analogy would be an elephant claiming that a toenail alone is True Elephant and then, when you point out that the nail's only a nail and not an accurate representation of an elephant at all, responds with, "What are you, some kind of racist elephantophobe? Don't mention the trunk. Or the tusks. Not the tail! The ears! Don't say anything about the ears! Stop telling the truth about elephants, or I'll kill you!"

Perpetually propagandizing pachyderms prevaricate petulantly in promoting their pedophile prophet.