Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another dishonest apology for Socialism

In response to an attack on the plain truth about Socialism at the ironically-named Rational Revolution:
The "rebuttal" above is intellectually dishonest. Ad hominems? Tu quoques? Class envy? Biblical commands spoken to individuals applied to political systems?

The ultimate minority is the individual; if any one's rights are violated, then no one's rights are safe. Socialism is evil because it makes the individual subservient to a select few and -- in our case -- the majority who elect them. Rather than government existing to protect each person's God-given, unalienable rights, the individual exists as a resource to be exploited by the state.

Does the individual exist to provide power and position to politicians, or do their power and position exist to protect our rights? Who knows better how to spend your wealth, you or a politician? Who deserves your property: whomever you choose -- your children, for example -- or a stranger?

There's a word for consuming the fruits of another's labor against their will: Slavery.