Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Muhammad Ali lies, since obeying Islam leads naturally to the mass murder of non-Muslims, not "mutual understanding"

Either the disabled former boxer is being used by his spokesman to propagandize for Islam, or he's doing it himself. From here:
In a letter to the people of Norway written under his name, the boxing great says his "heart goes out to each of you as you deal with the unimaginable grief of your loss."

Ali wrote that the richness of diversity is something that makes the world a better place and that no one should fear multiculturalism. People, he said, have the same ideals no matter what religion or race they are.
The "sacralized" genocide, pedophilia, rape, and slavery of non-Muslims and Muslim apostates, women, and little girls do not "make the world a better place." And somehow, I don't think Islam's victims share those "ideals."

And notice that "multiculturalism" here means "Islam." Has it always been so?
"I see the same wishes for our children to have happy, healthy lives; I see the same concerns for others less fortunate than ourselves; I see the same desire for peace and dignity," Ali said.
How does "kill the pagans wherever you find them" (Qur'an 9"5) promote "peace and dignity," again?

And note the pathetic attempt to imply that following Islam is good, but opposing it is bad. This is utter nonsense, since it is Islam which leads to mass suffering and death, not resisting its evil:
The man who confessed to carrying out the massacre, Anders Behring Breivik, has said the attacks were part of a plan to start a cultural revolution and purge Europe of Muslims while also punishing politicians who have embraced multiculturalism.

Ali, a Muslim, said those who commit unspeakable acts in the name of race and religion "fail to understand that we share far more with our fellow beings than those aspects that set us apart."
How can that be, since Muhammad preached and practiced mass slaughter, child-rape, serial rape, slavery, mutilation, torture, theft, extortion, wife-beating, polygyny, religious and gender apartheid, deceit, blasphemy, and treason in Allah's name?

I suppose that to someone inured in Islam, such ghastly crimes are not "unspeakable," but -- judging from the way in which Muhammad's atrocities are glorified in the Islamic texts -- worth bragging about.
He went on to say that the best way to honor the victims in Norway is to reach out and embrace others in a celebration of common human values and aspirations.
Did you notice that, dear reader? Honor innocent, dead non-Muslims murdered (inexplicably) in opposition to Islam by . . . embracing Muslims!

Next is some Islamospeak worthy of a college student completing a written exam:
"The collective power of such individual proactive acts can have a tremendous aggregate impact and provide a lasting honor to those who are no longer able to take such action themselves," Ali wrote.

Ali's spokesman, Craig Bankey, said the former heavyweight champion, who suffers from Parkinson's, communicated his thoughts in the letter to his wife.
If Ali's writing to his wife, why is the letter "to the people of Norway"?