Friday, November 23, 2012

Science vs. Darwin's creation myth in the Left's propaganda war against America

God vs. evolution. Science vs. Darwin. Faith founded on fact vs. neopaganism disguised as "science." Liberalism vs. the Republic.

America's God-hating Left is attacking another Conservative-politician-with-a-clue, hoping to make implications of ignorance and superstition stick.

We have the facts on our side. Just articulate them. Not only that, but it's the accidentalists making the truth claim: Make them prove it. What can they point to that actually demonstrates the truth of their fairy tale?

A brief comment on Darwin's pseudoscientific, anti-intellectual, and irrational creation myth:
The foundation of Science is observable fact.

Who's ever observed abiogenesis? Who's ever witnessed random genetic mutations result in newer and more complex program, structure, and function?

We've only ever seen Life arise from Life and Life's programs. We've only ever seen organisms reproduce the same kinds of organisms.

Darwin's creation myth is absurd on its face, even to an atheist.