Sunday, April 07, 2013

ESPN deceives the public in defense of sodomy-as-"marriage"

In this article about several NFL players possibly declaring their preference for men, ESPN has banned from posting and deleted the comments of (among others) those who support the traditional description of marriage.

(You'll notice that the first few comments visible give the impression that NFL fans/ESPN readers all support homosexuality.)

So, at ESPN, you can name-call, lie, and denigrate religion -- as the militant homosexuals and their Useful Idiots do -- but never, ever refer to sodomy as "sodomy."

(Is this also Disney's official position?)

No one's advocating harming homosexuals. But to use the force of law and the persuasive power of the media to force the acceptance and silence criticism of what is perverse and immoral is a crime against the People.

Who's next for "marriage"? Zoophiles? Pedophiles? Necrophiliacs? Siblings? Farmers? When's Adulterer Pride Month?

Shame on ESPN.