Saturday, April 05, 2014

If you want to justify evil, just call someone a name, demonize them, and destroy their career

It's simple, really. Even if you treat others decently in your place of employment, for more than a decade, in an organization you helped found, don't express an opinion that the tyrannous Left doesn't like. Or else.

I guess "tolerance" extends only to your own peculiar predilections. Forget God. Forget Nature. Forget millennia of moral absolutes.

Well, time to find a new browser (until the next witch hunt).

Brendan Eich Steps Down as Mozilla CEO:
"Believing a certain group of people don't deserve to live their lives like other simply because of who they love is not a political view. It reads as extremely hateful and that makes people uncomfortable."
Sin is not "love." And lust does not create a Constitutional right.

Refusing to legitimize an unnatural and perverse act by calling it "marriage" is not bigotry; refusing to redefine one of society's fundamental institutions is not "hateful" (but demonizing those who defend it is).

No one I know wants to deny anyone their license to play house with the consenting adult(s) of their choosing.

Not all adults have the right to marry. Would you abolish all barriers to it? Would you redefine the word into absurdity?

What about sodomy makes it sacrosanct to you? It's a behavior; as such, it is subject to moral judgment. Where do you draw the line? Incest? Polygyny? Zoophilia? Pedophilia? A young adult male and his browser? Why can't they all get "married"? What gives you the right to deny them their equality? Who are you to forbid their happiness? Why are you so hateful?

You don't have any problem making moral judgments against those whose morality you despise. That makes you a bigot, doesn't it?

This isn't about equal rights. This isn't about "letting people live like others."

This is about using the force of government -- and now, the marketplace -- to coerce the endorsement of that which is immoral and unnatural. This is about demonizing those whose positions you dislike.

And that doesn't even depend on religious doctrine -- though Christ's endorsement of one man, one woman, for life with the glorious possibility of children should be enough.

Nowhere in Nature does any species engage in exclusively-homosexual relationships. Even the Darwinist knows that exclusively-homosexual relationships mean the end of the species. And it's a violation of design; even a simple man knows that the relevant organs are made for ... other purposes.

And you won't let Eich "live his life like others."

Fascist. Hypocrite.