Sunday, May 25, 2014

The only things "transparent" about liberals are their utter, craven dishonesty and homicidal malfeasance

So, Democrats are calling Obama "detached," "flat-footed," and "incompetent."

That makes them racist, right?

And now that the government's utter, fatal failures in caring for our national heroes are being exposed, the VA is going to "allow" more veterans to go to private medical facilities for help.

How magnanimous! How wise!

These are the people to whom the greedy, closet racists, and the apathetic have entrusted our medical care?

Way to go, America. You elected a "detached and flat-footed incompetent" to take away our health care -- not to mention our right to determine how best to spend our own resources -- from private industry only to return to it when they start killing us.

Well done!