Thursday, January 13, 2005

A response to the Chairman of the RNC

After receiving an e-mail regarding renewing my support for President Bush, I sent this reply:

Dear Mr. Gillespie,

I have been an ardent supporter of President Bush and his waging of the War Against Islamic Terror. I believe the president is a good man. Even if I wasn't convinced that his opponent in the last election was a liar, a traitor, an appeaser, and a socialist, I still would have supported him.

Now that President Bush has won re-election, there are two major areas where I believe the president's policies are headed in the wrong direction: Illegal Immigration and Domestic Spending.

First, the president must lead the effort to really secure our borders. He must not allow those who (for whatever reason) would violate American law and sovereignty.

Second, though the president has proven he is in most important ways socially-conservative; his fiscal policy is indistinguishable from a Democrat's.

In order to receive any more of my financial support, President Bush must demonstrate the courage and conviction to uphold all of the Constitution.


One can hope that if enough of those who supported the president in his last run send responses along this line, change will occur.