Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Facilitating the deception of the West

Power Line comments on one "mainstream" news outlet's mischaracterization of Iran's most recent attempt at international propaganda. Following are some thoughts regarding AP's aiding Iran's jihad against Israel and America.

The AP's account of the Iranian president's letter to President Bush virtually defies belief: "Letter shows Iran president seeking bond." The AP reports:

With his 18-page letter, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivered President Bush a history lesson, philosophy lecture and religious sermon laced with references to Jesus Christ.

The document gives rare insight into a man who has largely been a mystery to the West, showing him as fixated on a long list of grievances
against the United States and seeking to build on a shared faith in God.

Ahmadinejad, whose government is suspected by the West of pursuing nuclear weapons, questions whether Christ and other religious prophets would have approved of U.S. policies and actions in the Middle East.

"I have been told that Your Excellency follows the teachings of Jesus (Peace be upon him) and believes in the divine promise of the rule of the righteous on Earth," Ahmadinejad wrote Bush, who has said that Christ is his favorite philosopher.

"If Prophet Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Ishamel, Joseph, or Jesus Christ (Peace Be Upon Him) were with us today, how would they have judged such behavior?" he wrote....

The AP takes the letter at face value, reporting that Ahmadinejad is "seeking to build on a shared faith in God." Are there any grounds for applying some skepticism to the rhetoric used for the benefit of useful idiots working for the AP? Here is one passage that demonstrates why the letter must be read ironically and that particularly ill suits a former kidnapper who has risen to the presidency of an Orwellian terror state...
Of course, the God of the Bible and the god of Islam are not the same deity, so their faith cannot be shared. This is a false assertion made by two groups: Muslims attempting to deceive the ignorant (thereby making them more accepting of Islam and more open to converting to it) and the Already-Deceived Ignorant.
...Here is another passage of special interest that goes completely unmentioned by the AP:
Young people, university students and ordinary people have many questions about the phenomenon of Israel. I am sure you are familiar with some of them.

Throughout history many countries have been occupied, but I think the establishment of a new country with a new people, is a new phenomenon that is exclusive to our times.

Students are saying that sixty years ago such a country did not exist. They show old documents and globes and say try as we have, we have not been able to find a country named Israel.

I tell them to study the history of WWI and II. One of my students told me that during WWII, which more than tens of millions of people perished in, news about the war, was quickly disseminated by the warring parties. Each touted their victories and the most recent battlefront defeat of the other party. After the war, they claimed that six million Jews had been killed. Six million people that were surely related to at least two million families.

Again let us assume that these events are true. Does that logically translate into the establishment of the state of Israel in the Middle East or support for such a state? How can this phenomenon be rationalised or explained?

Mr President, I am sure you know how – and at what cost – Israel was established:

- Many thousands were killed in the process.
- Millions of indigenous people were made refugees.
- Hundred of thousands of hectares of farmland, olive plantations, towns and villages were destroyed.

This tragedy is not exclusive to the time of establishment; unfortunately it has been ongoing for sixty years now. A regime has been established which does not show mercy even to kids, destroys houses while the occupants are still in them, announces beforehand its list and plans to assassinate Palestinian figures and keeps thousands of Palestinians in prison. Such a phenomenon is unique – or at the very least extremely rare – in recent memory.

Another big question asked by people is why is this regime being supported? Is support for this regime in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ (PBUH) or Moses (PBUH) or liberal values? Or are we to understand that allowing the original inhabitants of these lands – inside and outside Palestine – whether they are Christian, Muslim or Jew, to determine their fate, runs contrary to principles of democracy, human rights and the teachings of prophets? If not, why is there so much opposition to a referendum?

There is much more that that goes unmentioned in the AP article while the AP article focuses on the letter's formulaic religious tripe and promotes a story of "seeking to build on a shared faith in God." Why?
Why? Hatred of America. Hatred of Christ and His religion. Hatred of President Bush (who, despite several serious errors in judgment and gaps in knowledge, is still an American and a Christian ). Hatred of Jews. The Iranian "president's" description of the history of modern Israel is typical Muslim deception, but AP can't bother themselves with facts.

Those media, academic, and political elites in the West who long for its demise will realize too late that those "Others" in whom they think they have a comrade in arms against the Source of All Evil (white, conservative, Christian males--and Jews) are not noble savages. Too late they will discover them to be unfeeling and unkind masters, just as they always have been, just as Allah and his false prophet require.

But the AP and its ideological brethren would know that if they would take the time to look into the tenets and history of the Religion of Death, rather than eagerly lending validity to its propaganda.