Monday, May 29, 2006

Sina's new book

Go here to sign up. This message needs to get out:
My book, Understanding Islam and the Muslim Mind (I thought this is a more appropriate name) is finished. I believe this book is a devastating blow to Islam. Thousands of people, both Muslims and non-Muslims have changed their views about Islam after reading It is time to take this message to a bigger audience.

I have been called an extremist. I accept this charge with honor. Islam is sheer evil. It must be opposed completely. Anything less would be to compromise with evil. How do you nullify a total lie? With half-truths? To say we should adopt a moderate stance vis-à-vis Islam is a logical fallacy. Islam says, kill the unbelievers. How can one be moderate in the face of that? Does moderation mean accepting that Muslims only jail or beat the unbelievers? Islam teaches one man can have four wives. Should we compromise and say two wives are okay? Either Allah is God or else he is the figment of a sick mind. Does moderation mean recognizing him as real but asking Muslims not to pay heed to his hateful and violent teachings in the Quran?

I vehemently reject any recognition of Islam as a legitimate religion and call for its total denunciation and ban. Seventy years ago, if someone had called for a total denunciation of Nazism, he probably would have been called an extremist as well, yet a decade later everyone adopted that view. Should we not learn from history? Evil must be rejected completely and without reservation.