Saturday, September 23, 2006

Baseless conspiracy theories only weaken our defenses

Whether that consequence is intended or not. Doesn't he realize we're at war with an ancient and merciless foe?

Unfortunately, his willingness to attack the single person most responsible for America's defense is characteristic of too many in the West.

From here:
New evidence of deliberate White House cover-ups
...looks a lot like evidence of a detachment from reality.
The recordings from the planes that supposedly hit the WTC have the last words of the hijackers as being "Allah ahkbar" or "God is great". But a Muslim wouldn't say that if he knew he were about to die. Instead he'd recite a blessing stating that Allah is God and Mohammed is his prophet.
Obviously, you know all about Muslims who are about to die. What about when they kill?

That phrase is often uttered when slaughtering Infidels.
Scientists and chemists who have analyzed the metal pools left behind at Ground Zero doubt a plane hit the building....
Despite millions of eyewitnesses to the second plane's impact.

As for the collapse, how likely is it that "untrained" Muslim terrorists would be able to fly the planes into exactly the locations where the explosives had been set ahead of time? For it is clear from the footage of the attack that the Towers collapsed exactly where the planes hit them.
I simply reiterated what other more prominent and educated people than myself have determined.
An appeal to authority rather than evidence...interesting.

OBL has admitted to his organization's planning and carrying out 9/11; for your intellectually-irresponsible "simple reiterations" to be true, President Bush would have to have been at least cooperating with him. Reason would dictate that Osama would have brought up that fact sometime during the last five years of his people being killled by American and other Coalition forces.