Saturday, January 06, 2007

Poverty does not inspire jihad, Allah does

More from here, first in response to mishaz:
so why arent every islamist countries in the world fighting to convert to islam? i know there are many that are, but if by your theory of islam holds, why isnt turkey, indonesia and every other islamic country at war...
mishaz, you're making an ad hominem argument. Whether one or one billion Muslims engage in and/or support jihad does nothing to negate the fact that from its inception, according to its own god and founder as recorded in its "holy" texts, the Religion of Peace has required the good Muslim to fight against, subdue and humiliate, and kill non-Muslims to make the world Islam.

As noted in my post above, Mohammed is considered by Allah a "beautiful pattern of conduct." He said--not me--that he was ordered to fight until all confess there is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet.

Whether or not jihad is waged by a particular individual, group, or nation is determined by a number of factors, including knowledge, zeal, opportunity, and resources.

Each of those countries you note have significant and growing populations of jihadists and those who aid them (Turkey was secular for many years because Ataturk crushed Islam. Those defenses against it which he instituted are now eroding).
if they somehow fund terrorists then why dont the us go after the funders of terrorists?
Some of them happen to be our oil-rich allies. Couple that with the fact that our President still wants to call Islam a "religion of peace," and I think you've got an answer.
dont rely on your book fed education as you so deftly demonstrate in your quran citations.
We wouldn't want to let anything like a book get in our way, would we? Emotional ad hominem and straw man arguments are much more effective in determining truth.

As for my "book fed education," I am reading only that with which every Infidel ought to familiarize himself: Islam's foundational, authoritative, "sacred" texts. (By the way, they're what every devout Muslim will read, and they're what inspire and sustain every jihadist.)

In light of the fourteen hundred year history of the global jihad, it is clear that Muslims have traditionally taken Allah at his word. If there is anything in that word you find unpalatable, you ought to take it up with him.
jihad means to pray and fast regularly and lead a good muslim life.
That is one use of the term. That is not the way it is used primarily, and it is definitely not the use the mujahideen have employed against non-Muslims and Apostates since the time of Mohammed.

When Allah's apostle and his followers slaughtered all the men of a Jewish tribe which had done nothing to them, raping and enslaving their women (Mohammed took one that he found especially attractive for himself), was that "praying, fasting, and leading a good muslim life"?

When in obedience to the command of Allah (and in imitation of his false prophet) Islam exploded out of Saudi Arabia and conquered from Spain to North Africa to Palestine to India, butchering, raping, and enslaving millions along the way, was that "praying, fasting, and leading a good muslim life"?

When devout Muslims fly planes into skyscrapers or behead Christian girls on their way to school as an act of charity, is that praying, fasting, and "leading a good muslim life"?

No, that's following in Mohammed's footsteps and obeying Allah's commands.
much like the wing nuts that manipulate good christians into their cults and sects, so is islam co-opted to do the same.
That is false.

When Christians do evil, it is contrary to the word of Christ. When Muslims do evil, it is in obedience to Allah and his apostle, as is obvious from reading Qur'an and Sunnah.
Amillennialist, you should think a little more gray.
Another ad hominem. That's at least three in one brief post, and it's a sign that you are unable to point out any factual errors in my citations of the Islamic texts.

It is intellectually lazy (and dishonest) to try to make my "thinking" the issue here. The texts say what they say. Allah commands what he commands. Mohammed lived the life he lived.

The good Muslim will obey and follow.
In response to Will:
Amillennialist Is a Dangerous Idiot
Mishaz already stated the reasons why.
Name-calling! Now that's a persuasive argument!

If the repeated use of logical fallacies instead of pointing out factual errors can be considered "stating reasons," then I suppose you're right!
Every religion has its crazies. Those crazies are usually kept fairly muted in democratic and prosperous societies. Middle Eastern societies, unfortunately, are, for the most part, neither prosperous nor democratic, giving radicals a natural advantage as they offer easy solutions to hard problems.
That's a simplistic answer. And it's false.

First, "every religion has its crazies" implies that Muslims who kill in the name of Allah do so contrary to Islam's teachings. As demonstrated above, it is Islam itself--the command of Allah and the example of his false prophet--that makes its adherents "crazies."

(By the way, I don't think it is very nice to imply that those who kill for Allah in obedience to his commands are insane. Are you some kind of Islamophobe?)

Second, living in a society neither prosperous nor democratic does not make one go out and blow up children or shoot nuns. Do you see poor Buddhists flying planes into buildings? Destitute Methodists blowing up buses? Penniless Hindus besieging, raping, and slaughtering schools full of children on their first day of classes?

Many of the mujahideen in the news are well-educated and well-off. Ever heard of that billionaire panhandler bin Laden? Or his right-hand man, the destitute physician from a prominent, middle-class, Egyptian family, Zawahiri?
Furthermore, by funneling rage towards America and "heretics", they reinforce the same regimes whose fault it is that most Middle Eastern are neither democratic nor prosperous.

It is thus the dire economic and political state of affairs in the Middle East and the regimes that perpetuate them , not their religion, that is the problem.
(Winston Churchill noted otherwise.)

Your statement betrays a fundamental ignorance of Islamic theology and history and current events.

As just noted, being poor does not make one a terrorist.

Believing in a god whose "beautiful pattern of conduct" celebrated, "I have been made victorious with terror," does.
To name the religion, and not those regimes, as the root of the problem, is not only idiotic, it is dangerous, for it plays right into the hands of those regimes, reinforcing them and the radicals.
What is dangerously idiotic is denying the fact that Allah commands the fighting against, subduing and humiliating, and killing of non-Muslims to make the world Islam.

What is perversely suicidal is ignoring what the mujahideen themselves freely confess--they fight and die for Allah, citing Surah and Ayat along the way.

What is inexplicably obtuse is hoping that a change of government or an influx of cash will remove the jihadist impulse, for poverty does not inspire jihad. Allah inspires jihad.