Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Connecting apparently disparate, destructive dots

If it is true that Juan Alvarez slaughtered innocent commuters in fulfillment of an ancient blood cult (or in militant allegiance to a perverted Reconquista--the first was a proper Defense of the West Against the Tyranny of Allah) and that he was instructed or encouraged in this worldview by Aguilar, then Marcos Aguilar is at least to some small degree complicit in his crimes.

And what does it say about Antonio Villaraigosa that he was affiliated with a group like MEChA? Has he ever denounced its ideology and goals? Why would Villaraigosa support a public school that is not only failing in its only mission, but actively undermining (on the taxpayer's dime) American language and culture? Is this why he wants control over the District?

It appears that just like the (at least temporarily) non-violent proponents of the Global Jihad here in the United States, Aguilar (and Villaraigosa and the rest of La Raza militants) exploit the charity and good will of We the People and misuse the safeguards of our Liberty in their efforts to usurp American society.

[It is also worth noting that this ancient Aztec belief system was pretty much ended by the military, political, and cultural domination of a Western nation over its adherents. What does this imply for how to deal with today's Religion of Death?

Perhaps squandering American blood and money on liberating those who espouse such an ideology is unwise.]

From here:
Marcos Aguilar, the Principal and founder of the Academia Semillas del Pueblo school and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa are both former members of the UCLA chapter of MEChA.

If not committing suicide is a measure of success for Marcos Aguilar, then he must be extremely proud of his protégé Juan Alvarez seen here dancing beside him. Marcos Aguilar taught at Garfield high school where he met Juan Alvarez. This is a yearbook photo of Aguilar in the Danza Azteca group that he founded. On the opposite page is Juan Alvarez in the MEChA club.

...In January of 2005, Juan Alvarez parked his Jeep Grand Cherokee on the Metro link railroad tracks in Glendale, CA. He then stood by as an approaching passenger train smashed into it. The train derailed into another train traveling in the opposite direction and 11 people were killed and nearly 200 were injured.

...It is reported that Juan Alvarez often dressed as an Indian in his everyday life, much the way Marcos Aguilar does. Perhaps a better explanation of why Juan Alvarez murdered eleven innocent people is because he took his Aztec beliefs to the extreme.

In ancient Aztec society, human sacrifice and bloodletting were primary forms of ritual.

The god’s sacrificed themselves to create the world and sun, and they offered their own blood to create people.

Humankind owed a tremendous debt to the gods, and this debt could only be discharged through frequent offerings of human blood.

The Aztecs accomplished this duty through human sacrifice and bloodletting. They would cut themselves until they bled.