Saturday, March 24, 2007

Harrison Bergeron's War

Below is an example of the rules under which the British military must operate, and regrettably, ours appears to be also. Why even give our guys guns? Who in Washington is worried that mobs who aid those firing on Americans might get hurt?

It is patently unjust for our soldiers, marines, sailors, and air men--the greatest fighting force the world has ever seen--to be made into little more than targets, but this cowardice from our leadership is only one of the factors on which our enemy depends.

If Israel and the United States (and now the UK) would stop worrying about who might be offended by manly self-defense and get serious about punishing those who would enslave or slaughter us, this Global War on a Tactic would end rather quickly. If people in that crowd knew that someone firing on Americans from among them would bring the quick obliteration of their geographic location, that crowd would either stop the jihadist themselves or disperse, leaving the mujahideen without "civilian" cover.

And if such strength would have been demonstrated the last three years, we would not have sacrificed three thousand of our heroes to the gods of political correctness and multiculturalism.

From here.
England’s Queen Elizabeth II awarded the British Distinguished Flying Cross to a U.S. pilot for the first time since World War II during a ceremony at Buckingham Palace in London on March 21, according to a Corps release.

Marine Maj. William Chesarek was serving as an exchange officer with England’s 847 Naval Air Squadron in Amarah, Iraq, last year when British forces on the ground came under “repeated attack from rocket-propelled grenades and small-arms fire from insurgents using large, hostile crowds for cover,” the release said.

Chesarek spent five hours flying overhead in a British Lynx helicopter identifying targets and covering the British troops on the ground, the release said.

“Given the serious threat to the forces on the ground, and the inability to return fire given the crowds of protesters, Chesarek elected to fly repeated passes at very low level, under heavy small-arms fire and at least one near-miss from an RPG, in an attempt to distract and disperse the crowds,” according to the release.

Chesarek is currently the weapons and tactics instructor for the squadron.