Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Defending Teddy bear jihad by accusing the West of overreacting

Obfuscating for Islam by blaming the victim, just like the Democratic Presidential candidates do when they blame non-Muslims for Muslim hate.

From here:

So, Sudan duped the Western press?

It's amazing that those "yahoos" were able to manipulate the non-Muslim world into thinking that they wanted to incarcerate, brutalize, and kill a teacher over a teddy bear.

Your defense of jihad is transparent, immoral, and incoherent.

First, you lament the "injury" done to Islam by its own followers' barbarism rather than that inflicted upon the non-Muslim world by them.

Second, you call first the Sudanese "yahoos;" then, it's those who report on their insanity who are the idiots.

Third, rather than condemn Muslim bloodlust, you blame the actual and potential victims of it for their "broad-brushing."

Finally, you dismiss the utter depravity of Muslims imitating Mohammed's example and mock justified revulsion and alarm with lines like:
"the big bad Muslims"

"the Western press was duped"

"half-assed teddy story"

"conservative pundits whipped up a feeding frenzy"

"a piece of performance art"


"The West lapped up every bit"

"It doesn't take much to set off the West"

"chants of “death to the infidels” and threats of 40 lashes to some innocent usually does the trick"

"We nod our heads knowingly that the madness among Muslims will never end until we end it ourselves"

"most of the “knives” were ceremonial swords"

"pay small sums to uneducated members of their mosque"

"partners in the orchestration"

"frame the demonstrations"

"give the event a sense of urgency"

"We fell for it because we wanted to"

"It justifies our moral outrage"

"duped the Western press"

"opportunists in the West saw it as a means to paint all Muslims with a broad brush as unreasonable and violent"
Muslims want to kill over a teddy bear, actually riot and murder over cartoons, terrorize authors, slay artists, and commit over ten thousand attacks since 9/11, but it's the West which misrepresents "all" Muslims.

This is craven, seditious submission.

This is the fog of war.

This is the Genocidal Pedophile's "War is deceit" (Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Number 268).

So much for your false accusation of taking your words out-of-context.