Sunday, March 09, 2008

ABC, Primetime, and John Quinones have a bad case of Islamophobia

What else can explain the fact that from their site they systematically remove comments containing the word of Allah and the example of Mohammed, quoted directly from Islamic sources, but allow misleading pro-Islamophobia comments to remain? What do they fear? What have they got to hide?

It has become a running joke regarding ABC's judgment when it comes to national security. After several stories exposing vulnerabilities in sensitive targets around America (including the ease with which a person can access nuclear facilities at several universities), it should come as no shock that Primetime aired recently a vile propaganda piece aiding those who would replace our God-given rights with sharia, just as their god and prophet command.

ABC is aiding the slow jihad in America.

This story begins a few days ago when John Quinones and ABC aired a Primetime: What Would You Do? segment in which two actors -- one a woman wearing a hijab and the other a non-Muslim employee behind a counter -- play out a scenario in which the Muslima is attacked verbally on racial and religious grounds and refused service. The reactions of bystanders are examined.

The only time one hears "jihad" during a network broadcast, and it's uttered by a (fictional) bigot. Such a caricature demonizes those (rightly) repulsed by the tyranny of Allah, and it makes victims out of Muslims wearing a symbol of tyranny and genocide more wretched, abhorrent, vile, and enduring than a swastika.

John Quinones has accomplished several things with this piece:
He has implied that those who understand and oppose jihad and the totalitarian, genocidal, and malevolent components of Islamic theology and law are ignorant and racist "Islamophobes."

He has implied that Muslims are innocent victims of intolerance and persecution just like -- as some commenting on the segment stated -- "blacks, fat people, and the handicapped."

He has attempted to suppress the viewer's reasonable and necessary defense response against Islam.

He has made it clear that he's never examined Qur'an, ahadith, and Sira (if he has, then he is either a closet Muslim, suicidal, or perverse).

He has made one wonder whether or not his Muslima co-ed from Illinois exploited his desire to uncover injustice.
As of this writi
ng, ABC has allowed one or more of its administrators to remove over two thousand, two hundred comments exposing the depravity and brutality of an ideology which has waged war against non-Muslims for 1350 years. Accounts used to post those texts are blocked.

Allowed to remain have been numerous posts from one or more Muslims lying about their religion. Their comments -- even today's newest -- repeat the same misleading themes, sometimes almost verbatim. I wouldn't be surprised if it is the one with administration rights and one or two of their co-religionists doing the commenting.

(Coincidentally, a glowing article on Mr. Quinones appears in Cross & Crescent, which is ironic, since Muslim apologists for jihad often equate the two religions to make non-Muslims familiar with Christianity less resistant to -- and critical of -- Islam. The article notes his desire to uncover "social injustice." Unfortunately, that noble impulse combined with a multiculturalist, politically-correct fantasy about The Ideology Which Shall Receive No Criticism makes him susceptible to manipulation by apologists for it.)

Instead of aiding the slow jihad against America with Muslims-As-Victims propaganda, why not expose the commands of Allah and the example of Mohammed requiring offensive warfare against all who refuse to submit?

Why not interview regarding Islam Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Wafa Sultan, Ali Sina, Walid Shoebat, Brigitte Gabriel, or Robert Spencer?

Is it ABC's official policy to deceive the public regarding Islam? If so, why? If not, who is responsible for this propaganda effort?

Attempts to alert ABC to what is occurring have generated no response. Who will warn Mr. Quinones that by fabricating scenarios which demonize those who oppose Islamic tyranny and censoring those who expose it, he is aiding the usurpation of the very rights of freedom of speech and of the press which have provided him the success he enjoys?

For an American organization to air falsehoods about Islam and then silence those who expose the truth about that monstrous belief system is treason.

ABC should restore all deleted posts and fire publicly the persons responsible. It should dedicate an entire program examining who is misrepresenting Islam: those who point out the command of Allah and the example of Mohammed, or those who hide those "sacred" texts and attack those who expose them.

So far, ABC has given a victory to CAIR, the MSA, and other liars for Allah.

Clarity is what we need. ABC's obfuscation and censorship aids our enemies.