Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The trouble with Barack Hussein Obama

No, it's not that he is Muslim. He says he's Christian.

The problem is the sympathies his alliances imply (let alone his extreme Socialism).

Robert Spencer warned that though not a Muslim, some would promote Obama as being able to "work with" Islam. Not too long ago, one of the Democrats campaigning for him made that observation publicly. Obama himself has expressed his willingness to "talk" to Allah's monsters, including Iran.

So, what are Obama's problematic ties?
-Muslim parent and grandparents

-Muslim education in Muslim Indonesia

-Muslim siblings

-Muslim terrorist Kenyan village-thug-in-chief-as-ally

-Neighbor to -- and beneficiary of real estate "favors" from -- a criminal connected to a Muslim millionaire "donor"

-A wife who hates America (who complains about debt while living in a million-dollar home and married to a Senator)

-A pastor of twenty years who also hates America
As Daniel Pipes notes here, the Irreverend Jeremiah Wright of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ not only blames America for 9/11, he echoed an earlier, more famous, America-hating, racist Muslim, Malcolm X, who claimed that America deserved President John F. Kennedy's assassination.

For those charges, he was expelled from the Nation of Islam. What do you have to do to get kicked out of the Nation of Islam?

And what of Wright's anti-Semitism? Will Obama remain silent on this?

It turns out that Obama was present at Wright's "Blame America" sermon. Recall also that he uninvited his pastor to attend one of his first major campaign events.

Even more troubling, Obama's only strength -- his calm and personable demeanor -- is a facade masking the kind of racism and hatred displayed by his mentor. In his own work, B. Hussein O. confesses that he manipulates whites by speaking calmly and pretending to care, but under that mask is a deceiver who exalts black nationalism above all else.

Obama has expressed racist sentiments, calls "mentor" a raving, racist lunatic, and has covered it up and lied about it. What else is he hiding?

And where's Oprah? Ignoring it, like she ignores Islamic tyranny?

(Update: Apparently, Oprah distanced herself from Wright some time ago. Good for her.)

Originally posted 3/15. Updated 8/20 for clarity.