Sunday, April 06, 2008

There is no defense for Barack Hussein Obama's 20-year endorsement of an America-hating racist

Or for his own racism and deceit.

UCLA Bruin and Laker great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has a 'blog.

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I disagree respectfully with any defense of the "reverend" Wright.

If he has experienced discrimination, then anger and resentment are understandable. As a free man in a free society, he has the right to speak his mind.

Slavery and the discriminatory laws that followed were evil, unjust, and contrary to America's founding creed, but it was Americans (Christians at that) who brought the nation's laws in-line with its confession.

The Declaration itself, the Abolitionist movement, the election of Abraham Lincoln (the staunchly anti-slavery and first Republican president), and the Civil Rights Act are all the will of the American people. They are expressions of their fundamental belief in justice and Liberty derived [ultimately] from Christ's teachings.

(It always saddens me when African-Americans -- understandably embittered by racism they've experienced -- reject Christianity as a "white man's religion" and embrace Islam, not realizing that both are Middle Eastern religions and that while Christ taught true equality for all, Mohammed commanded slavery [of] and offensive warfare against all who refuse the invitation to Islam.)

Racist, hate-filled rants from a pulpit would be despised if coming from a white man; racism and hate should be no more acceptable coming from a black man.

As for the senator, what discrimination has Barack Obama experienced? He is living proof that in America all have the opportunity to achieve success as they define it.

Senator Obama grew up in Hawaii, is of a mixed-race background, lived for a time asa Muslim in Indonesia, was elected to state government, and is now a United States Senator with an excellent chance at becoming president.

How is America racist?

Thought cannot be legislated. All people -- regardless of ethnicity -- can be racist, ascomments by Wright and Obama prove.

Not voting for someone because of the amount of melanin in their skin is wrong; voting for someone because of it is irresponsible.

I will not vote for Obama, not because of his skin color, but because of his 20-year endorsement of an America-hating racist, his own racism and deceit, his ties to Muslim thugs in Kenya, and his rabid socialism.
Update, April 10: Since submitting my comments for moderation several days ago, one new post has been added, and it wasn't mine. So much for Kareem's tolerance for uncomfortable facts.