Thursday, April 10, 2008

What happened to Saddam Hussein's WMD?

Everyone knew he had them. Even the previous administration cited the danger Saddam posed and concluded regime change was necessary.

Unfortunately, political opportunists and those eager to believe the worst about President Bush claim now that he "lied us into war."

The reason our forces have not found Home Depots full of WMD in Iraq -- though smaller amounts and plans for reconstituting those programs have been found -- is because Saddam sent his weapons to Syria during the year the President tried to cajole his political opponents into supporting the effort.

Here are excerpts from an interview with Georges Sada and his underreported claims regarding what happened to Saddam's WMD:
Kevin McCullough: Gen. Georges Sada, welcome to the WMCA MuscleHead Revolution broadcast.

Georges Sada: Thank you very much, Kevin.

KMC: There is a common conception, that is going around in America today, and I'd like to play you a sound bite from last night's Democratic response to President George W. Bush's State of the Union address.

SOUNDBITE: (Gov. Tim Keane, D-Va.) "We now know that the American people were given inaccurate information about reasons for invading Iraq."

KMC: General, were there weapons of mass destruction ... what had Saddam Hussein done with them, and where did they go?

GS: Well here I can say 2,000 times, that the WMDs were in Iraq, and that they were used against Kurds in the north, and people in the south against Shia people, and these weapons were there up to the summer of the year 2002. When a natural disaster happened in Syria, a dam was collapsed, and Saddam said he wanted to do an air-bridge humanitarian aid to Syrian people, those who were flooded in the area. But that was not true.

The thing he did was, he converted two aircraft, two airplanes, a 747 Jumbo, and a 727 and WMDs, raw materials, many other equipment were put in that two aircraft, by the special Republican Guard, in a very secret way and they were transported to Syria to Damascus and they did 56 flights, to make all – whatever has to do with weapons of mass destruction to be in Syria. AND besides to that, 18-wheel tractor trucks, civilian trucks, were also loaded of what couldn't go in the aircraft, and this was also transported to Syria.

KMC: You're saying 56 flights, 747s and 727s, transported – under the guise of humanitarian aid for victims of the dam break in Syria – Saddam Hussein transported his illegal weapons to Syria via that method, and also some 18-wheel trucks were also used in that effort?

GS: That's TRUE!

KMC: General, simply for telling these things to us today, you run the risk of being retaliated against by Saddam Hussein's friends and allies, why did you choose to speak out particularly at this time.

GS: You see actually, I was not speaking this, I was not even writing the book, but, what happened in year 2004 on 26th of April, when the terrorists wanted to explode many tons of these same chemical weapons that we had in Jordan, Amman, and they were trying to destroy the prime minister's office, and the Jordanian Intelligence and the American Embassy. You see 20,000 people were expected to die of that explosion. As a friendly country, Jordan, the Jordan which I love, this had effected on me very much, and then on Feb. 2, 2005, I was in a conference in Phoenix, Ariz., where I met my two friends, Michael Coleman and Dr. Teddy Lowe of World Compassion. They listened to these stories that I had mentioned in the conference. They came and asked me very warmly to make the book of this because this is very important and these informations. So I was persuaded by their two people to write the book, and since Feb. 2, 2005, till now we have worked on the book.

KMC: Let's talk about who you are ... what was your rank within the Saddam Hussein regime?

GS: I was the air-wise marshall, in the Air Force, (second highest rank in the Iraqi military) and I was one of the people who did not attend the Baath Party. And that's why I was forced to retire in 1986.

KMC: You were never a member of the Baath Party?

GS: No never ... And they asked me in '86, it is not possible to be in this rank and second man in the air force and you are not a Baath Party. I said "sorry I can not attend that party, because you said in your principles that the body of the party is Arab, and the spirit of the party is Islam. And myself am neither Arab nor Muslim. I am an Assyrian Christian; therefore I don't fit in this party. And I'm sorry to tell you. I don't want to bluff you ... I just can not attend."

They said, "OK, if you will not attend the party then you will be retired."

I said, "OK, let me retire."

So I was retired in '86, but when Saddam invaded Kuwait on Aug. 2, 1990, I was the first man to be recalled again to join the active duty, by the regime, by Saddam and to be the adviser on the air force.