Saturday, June 21, 2008

Facts do not intimidate the truthful

Only liars and tyrants fear the truth.

Throughout Western lands, Muslims, their apologists, and Useful Idiot Dhimmis work to silence more than just mockery of Mohammed, they demonize and dismiss those who cite accurately his own words and actions as recorded in Islam's core texts.

This censorship is part of the non-violent -- but still tyrannical, fascist, supremacist, and fatal -- "striving" to make the world Islam. Robert Spencer refers to these more subtle efforts as the "stealth jihad," of which using the West's own legal, social, economic, and political systems to destroy it from within are all a part.

John Quincy Adams seems to have recognized this non-violent jihad, referring to it as performing Mohammed's commands "by fraud."

Osama bin Laden erred in using violence too soon against us; exploiting the civilizational self-loathing of the West's enemies within still advances Islam and kills far fewer Muslims.

Here are two questions to ask "moderate" Muslims and those Infidels foolishly defending the prophet from hell:
1. If Mohammed was such a great guy, what's the problem with looking at his words and deeds?

2. If Islam's "sacred" texts don't command offensive warfare against non-Muslims to make the world Islam, then what have you got to hide?