Sunday, June 22, 2008

What do Muslims call those who reject offensive warfare against non-Muslims to make the world Islam?

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at are called, "heretics."

Moderate Indonesia stepped-up efforts recently to coerce them into orthodoxy; now a publisher in Texas is threatened by their non-heretical -- that is, traditional, orthodox -- coreligionists for calling the Ahmadiyya "Muslims."

In the comments on that post I note an essential distinction which must be made when discussing Islam: Muslim and non-Muslim alike attempt often to equate Islam with Christianity, either to demean Christianity or to deceive the ignorant and gullible into thinking that Islam is harmless.

It is essential that we understand the difference between the two. Clarity on this point can save not only one's neck (literally), but also one's soul.
"I appreciate your arguing against the Religion of Inveterate Sadism, but I would like to offer another perspective on what makes Christianity and Islam so different from each other.

If you approach the Biblical texts objectively and in the way in which they were intended to be taken by their authors (symbolism as symbolism, poetry as poetry, history as history, eyewitness account as eyewitness account), you find a Christ Who died for the sins of even His enemies and Who commands His people to imitate His example.

If you approach the Islamic core texts objectively and in the way in which its god and prophet intended, you find Muslims commanded to use any means necessary -- including offensive violence -- to subjugate all people to the tyranny of Allah.

Adherents of Christianity (and those who've grown up in a society influenced by it) differ from the faithful of Islam -- to the degree that both behave in ways consistent with their gods' commands -- because Allah is the moral inverse of Christ."