Thursday, March 05, 2009

Misguided priorities

A playful little bit from here in response to a defense of Doorman-Priest, who admits in another post at his site:
"I have been thinking a lot about this topic over the last few days since contributing to another blog dicussion. Now I know I shouldn't do this. I shouldn't comment on a blog where the original post and the content of the subsequent string is clearly entrenched beyond the point of hearing an alternative perspective. It isn't just that I enjoy being the voice of dissent . . . ."
And in the "About Me":
I am a Candidate-Pastor within the Lutheran Church, and have oscillated between evangelicalism and radical liberalism. A radical liberal with Lutheran, Anglican and evangelical tendencies? I know. It is something of a niche market. Many Christians I meet seriously irritate me and I sometimes think I am a misanthrope.
Obviously someone for whom Truth is paramount.

In response to that defense:

The greatest commandment can only be fulfilled if we are telling the truth about God.

Yes, we should give others the benefit of the doubt (which you'd see I did if you read my first reply to Doorman-Priest over at Steve's site), but what do you do when experience, common sense, and the author's own words tell you that seeks not to edify but to cause trouble?

As for the meaning of "lie," here are two definitions: "A false statement deliberately presented as being true; a falsehood," and, "To convey a false image or impression."

How is, “There is only one God . . . Allah, YHWH, God the Father, Waheguru . . . I doubt she gives a stuff,” not blasphemy?

And again, is it "rude" to point out error? Is it "rude" to point out persistent error forcefully?

You wrote recently about Christ using a whip to chase out thieves. Was He "rude" too?

And I've not yet called anyone a "viper."
Regarding Jesus driving the money-changers out of the Temple . . .
"And then he lays into the worshippers and tips over the tables.... you know, someone like that would get an ASBO these days.
He might be tried for inciting hatred, for GBH."
He might even be called "rude."
And after referring to me as a "street urchin," without knowing anything about my motivations . . .
So, is "street urchin" "rude"?

Isn't it our first duty to "accept the integrity of those we disagree with"?

Apparently, one can blaspheme the Living God and that's okay, but woe to the one who points out the blasphemy!