Friday, April 09, 2010

Multiculturalism and craven self-censorship as the path to the Islamization of the West

For centuries, Islam has been impotent, unable to use its preferred method of "persuasion" against the West (slaughter) -- its last best chance having been obliterated on the first September 11th at the gates of Vienna in 1683 (thank you, Jan III Sobieski) -- so it's found another way: Aided both by trillions in blood for oil for the funding of indoctrination and propaganda centers within our own borders and the West's suicidal self-loathing in the guise of Multiculturalism, Europe -- and soon America, bankrupted and disarmed by the allegedly-former-Muslim in the White House -- is at the precipice of a new Dark Ages.  A new Inquisition has begun, this time in defense of Islam rather than in defense against it.

Pat Condell condemns the cowardice of establishment Europe in persecuting (prosecuting) Geert Wilders for telling the truth about Islam (thanks to Dan for posting this; be sure to visit his excellent site).

Western Civilization hangs by a thread: