Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's what isn't said but everyone knows that says it all . . .

A headline from Yahoo! News and AP:

Pakistani anti-terror court convicts 5 Americans

Were they Tea Party members?  Returning military?  Conservative Christians?  Octogenarians?

Not only do you know from only the headline that the convicted were Muslim, you know right away that the editors wanted to hide the reason for their terrorism.  It wasn't "Americanism" that made them do it.

The first sentence reveals what the title's trying to hide. That the word "Muslim" wasn't hidden until the last paragraph (or at all) is progress, I suppose.
Five young American Muslims were convicted of plotting terrorist attacks and sentenced to 10 years in jail Thursday in a case that highlights concerns about Westerners traveling to Pakistan to link up with al-Qaida and other extremist groups.
"Westernism" doesn't cause jihad.  Neither are their efforts to "cause terror in the hearts" of non-Muslims "extremism." It's just plain, simple, traditional, historical, Qur'anic, What-Would-Muhammad-Do Islam.