Monday, January 03, 2011

Defending the rape, enslavement, and slaughter of non-Muslims in Allah's name isn't all it's cracked up to be

Some of the better responses (okay, my replies) to the immoral and criminally-nescient fluff piece in defense of Islam here which point out the scriptural and historical justification for jihad and shari'a keep disappearing. Strange.  Must be Islamophilic electrons.

(I know it's supposed to be a humor site, but that apologist isn't joking and regardless, there's nothing funny about lying in defense of the raping and enslaving of your women and children because they're the "wrong" religion.)

Why is it that both Muslims and non-Muslims who seek to protect the Religion of Perpetual Denial of Responsibility must resort not to defending Islam, but to attacking whomever is pointing out what Islam actually says and does?

Here are a few of their favorites:
1) [Insert religion here (usually Christianity, but the Jews -- the Jews! -- are gaining popularity nowadays] is just as bad (not realizing that they're admitting that Islam is "bad");

2) Hitler [McVeigh, or some other non-Christian] engaged in slaughter (failing to recognize the numeric disparity: One non-Christian monster vs. millions of Muslim ones. I suppose that for Muslim apologists and their Useful Idiot dhimmis, Mathematics just isn't their game);

3) Playing the victim, or European colonialism/poverty/George W. Bush causes jihad (despite the fact that Christians and other non-Muslims who are oppressed -- especially under Islam -- aren't beheading their neighbors while praising their deities);

4) Not all Muslims are terrorists (as if that means that Muslims are not raping, maiming, and butchering non-Muslims every day around the world in obedience to Allah and in accord with Muhammad's example).
Here is a response to the murderously-ignorant and kuffarophobic Julie's clueless defense of Islam. Enjoy!

The implication that non-Muslim opposition to jihad and shari'a is somehow morally equivalent to someone holding a grudge for something that happened generations earlier is laughable on its face. Muslims are raping, enslaving, and killing now, today, and their atrocities are done in accord with their genocidal pedophile's teachings [and doings]. Undoubtedly, you've never studied Qur'an, hadith, nor sira.

Of course, not all Muslims are terrorists, but nearly all of today's terrorists are Muslim, and they've carried out more than sixteen thousand terrorist attacks since 9/11 alone. Just because all don't kill doesn't mean that those who do are "extremists hijacking a great world religion of peace."

As for "allah," you're right that the word can be used as a common noun to refer to any deity (you don't note this, but Arabic-speaking Christians use the term to refer to the God of the Bible), but we're unconcerned with YHWH, Vishnu, or Molech, since their followers are not blowing up worshipers of other religions at their holy places.

We're concerned with Muhammad's allah, because it requires its adherents to use any means necessary -- including violence -- to make the world Islam, a fact which serves to highlight the absurdity of your reference to ancient Israel.

A one-time, limited, Divine judgment for horrific crimes (including child sacrifice) and for warring against previously-defenseless Israel 3500 years ago is not the same as timeless, eternal, universal, open-ended allah-mandated rape, slavery, and slaughter carried out for the last nearly one and one-half millennia and currently.

Once 3500 years ago versus the last fourteen hundred years and now. Note the contrast.

As for your shamefully nescient tu quoques and false moral equivalences: "Christians did it too," "Christians would be strapping on bomb-vests," and "McVeigh! McVeigh!"?

Millions of Christians today suffer poverty and injustice (especially in Muslim lands). How often do we hear of poor and oppressed Christians beheading the daughters of other religions to shouts of "Jesus is LORD!"? But Muslims commit such crimes piously and with regularity.

Neither did early Christianity commit violence. Islam always has, and does so still. Why?

The reason is because Christ committed no sin, spoke only the truth, healed the sick, raised the dead, died for the sins of the whole world, and resurrected, commanding His people to love even their enemies. What about Muhammad?
According to Islam's own "sacred" texts, he preached and practiced genocide, pedophilia, rape, slavery, torture, mutilation, the assassination of political opponents, religious and gender apartheid, wife-beating, polygyny, theft, extortion, deceit, blasphemy, sedition, and treason, declaring that, "Allah made me do it, and you will too . . . or else."

And McVeigh? He was no Christian. Phelps claims he is. To which of Christ's words or deeds can anyone point in justifying their actions? But Muslims every day point to numerous ayat and ahadith in defense of their crimes.

(As for the library at Alexandria, one historical source blames Caesar. Muslims also take credit for it. Don't be so eager to defame Christians in your defense of Muslim slaughter.)

How is it "vicious" to state plainly the fact that Islam advocates and practices genocide? Isn't it more "vicious" to command, preach, and practice genocide? Why are you attacking those merely exposing Islam's "sacred" texts? Why aren't you attacking those who actually believe those texts and put them into practice?

If one participant in a "cycle of violence" worships a god and prophet who require "holy war" against "unbelievers" until they convert, submit, or die, how do you expect that "cycle of violence" to end if its targets put down their arms? Your moral vanity results only in non-Muslims in either chains or the grave.

I hope you're just a Muslim obfuscating for Islam. Muhammad declared that "War is deceit," so I'd expect that from you. But if you're not, if you're just someone with so much murderous animosity toward Christians that you aid those you think are going to stick it to "good white Christian folk," then you're in for a rude awakening.

You really ought to study Islam's core texts, history, and current events. It's not Methodists or Korean War veterans setting off car bombs in front of places of worship, is it?