Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's a memorial, not a campaign stop

Someone should tell President Obama that it is at the very least inconsiderate to use a memorial for murdered innocents as a kick-off to your re-election campaign. (T-shirts with a re-election slogan "Together We Thrive"? Indeed, the president ran to this photo-op like a schoolboy from his books, but to Ft. Hood and victims of jihad, to school with heavy looks.)

Can you recall the last time a pep rally erupted at a funeral? Besides Paul Wellstone's?

Me neither.

The Left leaped to libel so that they could character assassinate Sarah Palin and other conservatives by smearing them with culpability for the slaughter.  Now they're draining the corpses of every last drop of blood.

Disgusting.  Vile.  Wretched.